Perfect opportunity

Well maybe someone from Tally should take Nigel out for a beer… He’s basically paving the way for a product like this, he just needs to know about it.


Good spot Jonny,
I’ve subscribed seeing as it’s free.

I don’t really get involved with politics or political figures but someone like Farage would have the following to get a lot of eyeballs looking at Tally

Future brand ambassador perhaps? :rofl::rofl:

It would be interesting to know his reaction… Is he really trying to educate people and help them or is he just trying to push some financial products he has a vested interest in?

This is one of the reasons I subscribed, he does have a fair amount of experience in financial markets, as does his website buddy, Nick, who apparently used to work for Goldmans.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he soon starts shilling his own investments though