Pin is visible

The pin number has become visible when logging into the app. It used to be hidden with * before?

What’s changed? It needs to be back how it was, hidden, not open for anyone over your shoulder to see your pin! Come on Tally. Take security seriously!

Hi @b1gdeano this is being fixed as we speak. This is a part of all the security issues that are being expedited.

Hi Damon

Can you give Cameron a nudge regarding the legal documentation of some form that will reassure holders that this has physical gold backing, it’s been discussed on here for over a week and Cameron has said he’ll get it sorted out by today.
This is the main priority as far as a lot of holders, myself included are concerned an having been chatting with friends they are also now waiting to see what happens today. The pin number is obviously a concern which I why I pointed it out 4 days ago on here, but I’m not concerned about that as much as I am that there’s no documentation to verify the Gold is there.
It’s a simple request to give peace of mind to everyone so we can relax enjoy having the luxury of gold and continue to support the product…


@JonnyE i believe this is being investigated.


Sorry Jonny. Didn’t know you had already reported it. Still good to know it’s being investigated and resolved.

Agree though that the proof of gold is important here now. It shouldn’t have taken so long to prove something that’s apparently being audited monthly?

Not monthly any more mate

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No worries, it must have been overlooked by everyone.

My main concern is this investigation!
If there’s gold there then there’s a paper trail, if there’s a paper trial just redact a document if it contains sensitive company information and then make it available to the customers.

This is quite worrying now and looks like there’s no gold backing, it shouldn’t be this hard.

Yeah completely missed that lol.

Though if the gold is audited daily, there shouldnt be any issues with proof! Come on Tally. Without this your just a cheap way to buy and sell an ETF! Not really what your selling yourself as is it?

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Weather it is or isn’t there, I don’t think it’s fair you have had to wait 9 days to put your mind at rest and you should not be made to feel worried over this. Bad customer service in this instance.

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With no provable gold backing, this goes from everything I’ve wanted in a financial product for many years, to everything I’ve despised about financial institutions for many years.

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He most likely will come up with something last minute to try and discredit any one that may comment before hand “I knew there was no gold” but if he does will it be credible evidence?

I’ve been arguing the advantages of this product since before the beta app when goldbloc was first put out on news article when I bought in , about 3 years if I remember right, with more people than I can remember, 100% behind it and converted god knows how many people that have never thought about gold and wouldn’t trust a product like this especially from a new company with the record they have with the listing,some even bough shares in lionsgold.

And after all that time the only person that has made me completely doubt this product is the CEO in this last week.

Thinking out loud on this
without using accurate figures if its audited daily and they produce a an audit result showing tally have 5 kgs of gold in the vault. How is it then determined that that 5kgs is enough to cover all tallys customer deposits. should there not be also a total collective customer gold deposit figure and what’s in the vault plus a margin?

Has it been solved? I can still see the pin and unable to access my account.Help!

No it’s still happening.

This should have been a quick hotfix for any dev. Not sure why it’s taking so long to patch the masking!

Good to see the new update with new pin screen. Generally the app feels more responsive and the pop up boxes for help, bank details etc all dismiss much easier with a single screen tap now, search function is still a bit buggy but is definitely usable. Overall a smoother experience… Time for some feature updates now :grin:


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