The app needs a simple update

Ok, maybe it’s not so simple in terms of development as app development is not easy, I get that.

I have tried to sell tally to my friends, I log in and show them my account, and the first thing they want to know is how much have I made, and without me tallying up all the transactions I have made and then looking at my current balance, its impossible to work out, why on earth does this app not show total deposits and/or at least the amount I have made or lost. Yes, I have had a tally exactly a year to the date and I am in the green, by what percent ?? I have to calculate it, this is not only very poor but inexcusable and should have been built into the app from the get-go. I mentioned this in my review of the app early in the year.

yes we can see what the gold price was on the chart but that doesn’t show me my bottom line and it still presents a challenge a) when I want to show people my returns and b) compare savings accounts and other investments. This has left me disappointed with the tally app and the perception is there is a lack of development and/or interest. Even this very forum is very quiet

How do you expect me to convince my friends and family to use this platform if they will not easily be able to see returns? if I log into Etorro or Trading 212 I see instantly whether I’m up or down.

Seriously I can not be adding up my total deposits just to work out if I am in the green, who thought it was a good idea!! This is the kind of comedic thing we see week in week out on the apprentice and I expect more from a platform that wants to be taken seriously, is there a roadmap, if so where is it and where on that roadmap is this very basic but necessary feature


Good luck with that. I’ve been asking for this most basic and obvious feature for nearly 5 years, along with other basic features. None have been added and we’ve still got bugs from over 4 years ago.


Would be interested to know this myself, from a tax perspective, Gold is subject to Capital Gains tax (where allowance is exceeded). So there will be a requirement to provide a capital gain figure if all tally are sold/transferred for example.

Even a feature that states what your capital gain would be if your account was transferred in full to a GBP bank account (i.e. The gold is sold), based on current gold price and ‘book cost’.

I also said that over a year ago… They don’t seem to be concerned about their customers tax liabilities.

The funny (not so funny) irony, is the email sent out recently asking people for feedback and feature requests to be put on their social feeds. We’ve been requesting them on here for years and none have happened. Maybe they just love to have people sharing their poor experience and ignoring of basic feature requests on social media for the whole world to see :man_shrugging:


@cameron-tally @kris-tally Seems like a pretty essential update to me? Are customers currently expected to get a spreadsheet out to calculate every purchase/sale since they opened the account to get a capital gains figure?

Anything in the pipeline for this?



Why hasn’t @kris-tally even bothered replying to this question? I see a post/question about a website after this one was asked, and he replied? As a shareholder waiting (patiently I might add) for this idea to come to fruition I see this blatant disregard for feedback as disrespectful and questionable as to what it is you’re actually doing! Disgusting behaviour, which will now stop me from recommending this to anyone anymore.

It’d be really helpful if someone from Tally manned this forum. I know some days are very quiet but if I can manage to check in once a day religiously I’m sure a paid staff member can.

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Hi all, firstly sorry I missed the original post.

As @JonnyE has mentioned he has raised this before and it is something the team is looking at to have an indicator in the app. We are also looking at developing a calculator in the app and on the website but none of this has a time frame.

All the feedback or ideas shared are shared with the team.


The fee table on the fees, charges and limits tab in the app, needs updating to the new figures.

@JonnyE as you are not a new sign up you will see the old T&C in the app but the new ones on the website. As mentioned in the email sent out about the fees changing as of August you will see the new ones in the app from this point. The reason for this is we have to give notice of the change before changing things.


Please tell us anything that’s had a “time frame” when it comes to Tally Kris?

A number of things have a time frame, responding to emails & chats, delivering cards and the notification of key changes to T&Cs to name a few.