Tallys latest demand for further id

Received an email from Tally demanding further id as I am sure many of you have, this is on an established account, I then attempted to withdraw some money to find the account is now blocked, in their email it does state that this could be the case, what right have they got to prevent access to my account?
I attempted to contact Tally by telephone to be told they are unable to take the call, I emailed and was told that it could be up to 2 days for a response and this is for an account I now have no access to!

Personally not happy and concerned that something is not right, has anyone else had this problem and are Tally responding or are my fears going to be confirmed?

I had this in the past but just sent them a copy of my passport and it was approved.

The request is weird but they definitely shouldn’t have blocked your account unless a period of time passed in which the account became unverified which sounds like what happened.

Customer service does need to be sharper though - this sounds like a quick fix.

For a small customer base, this is poor.

Not had a problem personally, Bloody annoying for you I’m sure as you must of provided ID originally, come on Tally sort this out.

@Kestrel Thank you for your feedback.
If you have come in to support the team will come back to you on this matter and if they have not done so already can you please send a new email addressing it to myself so I can pick it up to look into as a priority.

Having tried to contact Tally by 'phone with no success, I did receive a call from them this morning, the explanation was that due to “regulations” they need to keep the account up to date and, as I understand, they need to reaffirm my id by providing this further information, I have never heard of this and sorry Tally but do not believe it for one minute!
The response to why is my account blocked the reply was "it’s only temporary until we have the information requested! sooooo… pointed out this is actually blackmail and it is also a change to their t & c’s which should be notified to us and given the choice of agreeing or if not, closing the account, it sort of went a bit quiet.
Don’t get me wrong, the person I was talking to was very pleasant and I believe genuinely trying to help, I think Tally has thrown them in at the deep end by committing an almighty cock up leaving customer service personnel to deal with the fallout. When I asked the question that if the new documents were not forthcoming, my blocked account would stay blocked so how can I close the account (to which I am entitled to do) there was actually no answer. The conversation terminated with the customer service person promising to get back to me within 1.5 hours, that is now about 5 hours overdue.

It’s a shame, I was truly hoping that Tally would be living up to its claims, I am now unsure and my confidence in their longevity is being sorely tested.

In fairness, Tally had responded as they said they would and within the time, so apologies to Rawle, it does deal with a slightly separate issue but Tally have not answered the query about requiring further id and blocking an account until this has been provided, so still waiting for that.

Having pondered this overnight I am now wondering whether this extra id requirement is for all Tally customers or was it just me? the email sent to me does not have that feeling (or professionalism) about it that would be sent to every customer so are there any others that have received this?

The reason we asked for additional information is your account got flaged as part of a KYC checks and having the correct details is a legal requirement we have to follow but can understand your frustration on being asked this. This feedback has been passed to the relative people.

I am glad the team got this resolved for you and Rawle did go back to you as promised. So I can check on the fact about the docs you sent being ok and not hearing anything please send me a separate email so I can locate other emails but if your account is now back to normal the docs would have been fine.

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Good morning Kris
Would it have not been simpler to explain this in the original email??? even if I do not agree with some of the checks that governments implement I do appreciate that banks and financial institutions have to comply, what I DO NOT accept is the action you took in blocking my account to achieve this, I also do not believe you had any right to do so therefore, please provide a link to the legislation that permits you to carry out this action in these particular circumstances.

A (Andrew) Nigel Baker

Hi @Kestrel, the team and I including @kris-tally have spent a lot of time today reviewing the decisions and actions taken on Wednesday. The need to restrict outbound payments on some of our customer accounts with active debit cards, came from one of our FCA-licensed service providers (the card issuer) requiring we follow this course of action (whilst we re-verified those customer’s current proof of address). Whilst we have contractual obligations to follow the card issuer’s compliance-related instructions as part of utilising their services, we should have pushed back harder on the course of action they determined. I don’t have from them what regulation they were relying on in requiring Tally to immediately restrict outbound payments for certain customer accounts, but we are going to take this up with them. We agree with you. It was not fair to give no notice period for customers to provide extra documentation and the team have been working around the clock over the last two days to sort out this situation that affected many of our customers. We are of the view, for various reasons, that people can no longer rely on the fiat currency fractional reserve banking system, and therefore it is crucial our customers can rely on tally for their savings and everyday payments. We have let you down (and ourselves). We are sorry this situation occurred and apologise for any inconvenience or concern it has caused. We have learned from this episode and will be better moving forward. Regards, Cameron Parry


Thank you for your quick response. I have taken on board your comments.

“The need to restrict outbound payments on some of our customer accounts with active debit cards, came from one of our FCA-licensed service providers (the card issuer) requiring we follow this course of action (whilst we re-verified those customer’s current proof of address).”

This needs a full and transparent response from the card issuer, at least stating on what grounds and what legislation/regulation this is to be implemented, as I understand, this course of action can only be undertaken in certain circumstances ie. suspected fraud, money laundering, criminal activity and terrorism along with “suspicious activity and debt” nowhere can I see that it is allowed to blackmail the customer into providing further identification documents even tho’ it appears this can be asked for under KYC. Until they provide an answer I personally cannot continue using Tally Money who are prepared to block an account at the drop of a hat, passing the buck to say “we were required to” by a third party without knowing whether this is even legal beggers belief.

I am extremely disappointed as I felt I had found a financial institution that had the same beliefs and ethos as I have but this has let Tally Money down

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