Account Change

Tally is undergoing some changes and told me, with plenty warning, that I wouldn’t have access to the account for a short while, until new account details were issued. The statement from Tally said the week commencing the 11th would see new accounts issued. This week has now passed and I have not had any update from Tally, let alone my new account details. I have a substantial amount in this account (all my savings) and I’m getting worried. I should have pulled the funds before the change over but didn’t…

Has anybody had new account details issued yet? Does anybody have access to their funds?

If you can log into the app it says you should have account number/sort code week commencing 25th march.
I can still view my account just cant make transfers from what i can see.

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Thanks Rob, I see that see that update now.

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Just had an email about a delay. Now early april - thought id share in case people hadnt seen

Account holders beginning to know how shareholders feel…! Good grief.

Sure it will be sorted soon.

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As long as its not 5 years :slight_smile:

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I’m sure all those waiting to get an account will be gagging to buy gold at all time highs having missed out on about 10% price rise.

Maybe tally should consider doubling their development team to two people and have them on full time rather than part time.

11th, then the 25th, now the next month… Then what?

The whole thing is embarrassing and comes over as extremely amateurish.


That’s because it is an amateur set up half a million stolen and no crime numbers?


Still awaiting re list date

Cameron now avoiding question and not replying

“When is relist date”

Come on Cameron , please give us a date. !


Tally still denying me access to my funds, and at the end of the tax year no less…


It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

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Beta testing stage for 5 years, now back to Alpha testing stage.

Promotions to get people to join up, then close the app and prevent people from joining up.

Lock everyone out in a gold bull market and expect them to wait for the privilege of joining Tally to experience all the great stuff the app has to offer… More disappointment awaits.

Tally is the best advert for glint, physical gold and crypto I’ve ever seen.


I think everyone is on holiday, that’s why nothing is getting done just now! I must admit, no access during a bull run is a bit suspicious…!


Anybody know when early April becomes mid April? This is now more than a little concerning…


This is a complete disgrace Jay…embarrassing, shambolic and the worse timing ever CP needs to step down.


I remember asking Cameron about the three year deal they had on this many moons ago. This was totally foreseeable, why not do it in good order

End of the month now. 5/6 weeks overdue. Its what most people have come to expect from tally. Delay upon delay.

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more delays on BAAS and account openings…disgraceful


I closed my account 10 days ago for this very reason, endless timelines & assurances broken, for me, enough was enough, no trust whatsoever in this after holding since inception.