Third Party Transfers

I made a withdrawal via bank transfer from my Trading 212 stocks & shares account. It was processed on Thursday and was received by Tally Friday morning.

I got an email asking for more information on the transfer on Friday afternoon, and I replied straight away. The transfer wasn’t credited to my Tally account until Monday afternoon.

I have read on the FAQs re: 3rd party transfers, and the fact that they can take 2 working days. But I would like to know if I make regular transfers from my T212 account, will I have to send a screenshot of each one, or is it just for the initial one?

Sorry for the long-winded questions!


@welshguy99 we are always happy to help.

As these transfers are coming from a third party they will always go through additional checks, you might be asked for proof for the first few and then every so often as part of our security process.