Transfer to tally not yet come

Good afternoon,

I am really disappointed with 1. The customer services, with 2. The time it takes to solve issue & 3. The complete and utter lack of responsibility.

I have been waiting 4+ hours now for my payment to come through.
I am waiting to go buy some food shopping and your simply taking the piss. 4+ hours??? WTF.

I want this sorted now, I.e. my trainer in my bank or some good will paymeny for my issues.


C C - Tally user


Join the queue. Been waiting a week. Completely useless

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Surely there’s something we can do? Contact the FSCS? And get payments back.
This is completely and utterly disgusting & ridiculous.
I should never of signed up to this stupid thing.
Never worked & they can’t ecen fix it.

You have been in contact with myself and Jake about why your transfer is being held up.

I am very worried about tally now as a shareholder. Watching all these errors with actual customers is concerning. Tally what is going on? I think its time you sort yourselves out.

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No trouble with my transfer in today, a quite large one executed within a couple of hours.

I find them a bit slow to sort stuff out as well however I think it’s because they are new and still only a small outfit. I imagine they’ll get quicker at handling problems as the company grows and they employ more staff.

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Was that from an account in your own name?

It was indeed.