Issues sending payments of tally to other tally users over Xmas, didn’t see any point informing anyone.

Now trying to purchase something online and it says, Bank wasn’t able to verify your MASTER_CARD at this time…

What is the point of this account if I can’t buy something using it, when I want to.

And now I have to keep making transactions so my account ‘resumes normal functionality’ which I’m not going to do as it doesn’t work, so god himself only knows when the transfer from tally to my bank account will go through, so I can make a purchase with Monzo.

I rate this sh1t show at 2 out of 10 now, down from about 8 when it launched 5 years ago. Against my gut and better judgement, I haven’t yet emptied my account and gone elsewhere for my digital gold… But it’s definitely getting close, shareholder or not.

It turns out the card payment didn’t go through because I had frozen the card. While I accept this was down to me and easily fixed, if I hadn’t had all the previous issues this would have occured to me instantly as it has done before with other accounts. The problem is it didn’t occur to me because it seemed like yet another problem which I’ve come to expect, and that is not good in itself and highlights to me, my lack of confidence in this account.