Loosing confidence in platform

Tally great until new software loaded. Found now that card does not work although amount indicated as debited from account when purchasing online and can’t transfer money out of account. Despite reassurances from team things are happening my confidence in software update so far us a big thumbs down. Pity it wasn’t tested fully before update and will not be depositing any more money until bugs fixed. Complaints that this is android problem only false also issues with iPhones hope it can be fixed soon as my confidence is dwindling so much that as an early investor to the system I am considering closing account

I have been with Tally from the beginning and have always forgiven the odd glitch in their soft ware, but like you it is happening all too often to have full confidence in the system. I am still waiting for my money to appear in my bank accounts.

Yes it’s sad that software can’t be reverted to previous version which worked fine for me at least. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Perhaps all the advanced tech promised was one ztep too far.

Hi both hopefully my post will you give you a better understanding.