Card not working at all

Anybody else still stuck on the order new card screen and their current card no longer working?

Also, are people having trouble with outgoing payments not crediting this evening?

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Yes. I froze my card before the update now can’t unfreeze it as its stuck on order new card!
Also sent a payment out on Sunday and still waiting for it to appear in my bank account.

same as you ! but my payments have succeeded in getting to bank !
uninstall app and re install might help with ( stuck on yellow tally screen )

I made a 4p test this morning to my partners account and went in instantly. Straight after I did an £80 payment to my account and it’s nowhere to be seen. I’m now missing £20 from last Wednesday, £200 £1 £2 from yesterday and £80 from today. Along with a card that doesn’t work online or in an ATM. Not a single reply to my many emails is also a complete joke. Over £300 missing.

I would stop testing it !

I know. It’s just a pain in the arse when your trying to get money out of Tally.

Just sent a payment to my partner again and it’s credit instant.


The card not rendering in all fix is now released. We’re confident this should work for all users. You will need to close your app and reopen. If you still face issues please contact support@

If you have been issued a new virtual card this may be because you hit the order card button while we had this issue. A new physical card will be reissued.

It now appears I have a new card so that will be the issue with my current card not working.
I will try and make a payment using the virtual card and hopefully we will be in business.

I have entered the new card details when trying to make a payment is it’s still failing on several sites.

Thanks @N111 we’ll investigate first thing.

Thanks Damon. I tried to transfer £25 and £5 out of my account After being refunded £300 but they failed and have disappeared into thin air again and I the new card details aren’t working. So I have absolutely zero access to my funds. Please get in touch in the morning. Thanks

Something very clearly going wrong with your account specifically. I will investigate personally first thing

Card is now working. I’ll let you know if it stops working. Thanks Damon

Just checked , card not visible ! still asking to order new .

@stix40 I’m sure you did but can you just confirm you closed the app entirely and reopened?

Tried no joy , uninstalled app reinstalled , make payment to payee only giving me tally option no gbp .
Card still not showing !


My card still doesn’t show either. Just the buttons to freeze and view pin aren’t visible.

@damon-tally same issue as some of the other users, card not showing and just asking me to order one even though I have one!

Anyone received their payments yet?

Thanks Damon for your help and the call !
Card is now showing and I have been able to freeze and unfreeze !
Obviously my other issue on logging in is due to my Phone being of an older software and root issue !
Guy’s Damon has been a great help , get him to help you out .

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