New Tally Website 🚀

Hi everyone

Super pleased to say that our new website is now live! This website brings a shift to a cleaner UI that matches the direction for our new App, unifying UX across all user touchpoints. We have transformed the messaging to make the proposition clearer and we believe this will resonate stronger with new and existing Tally users.

The focus has shifted to put the spotlight on the features and advantages of the Tally product with shots of the in-app experience and explanation of features including Payments, Saving, Traveling and Security.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new website. We are really pushing hard to get our App 2.0 ready for you to take a spin.


Brilliant update and if the updated App is anything like that we are really in business with Tally. Really looking forward to the future of real money.

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Very pleased that you like it @iceman. Let’s hope our future users do too :crossed_fingers:

All looking very good and nice improvements to the design of the app that can be seen on the website. Thumbs up to the design team and the devs for the way the app features are maturing :+1:

Thank @JonnyE we’re certainly making the kind of progress that we believe is necessary to push this forward.

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Good morning all.

This is a good update. We are now really taking shape thanks to the efforts of Cameron and the team, with Kris and Damon being fantastic first point contact personnel, ever willing and helpful.

We have a true winner here with great support backing it.

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Hi Kris

I fully understand our simple charges for Tally but only found them by asking a direct question!

Then under “payments “ from the bottom “menu”

The charges are very reasonable and I think they should be more prominent on the site?

All looking great by the way!

Love the new “safe” option coming!


Ok, I’m going to say it… You guys at tally are very, very cruel… Teasing and flirting with us. Just stop it now and release the app update you horrible people :joy:

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8 out of 10

Not being unfair just that am not a website or UI expert so would be rather stupid to give 10/10 as I could have missed something.

I can see how CrowdFunding would easily get highlighted.

Do think it would beneficial to have website available in some strategic languages other as well.

Good work

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The fresh new look of the website is great ! looking forward to Tally App V2 and even more so to the Relist !!!

It’s good, and the most important thing is the information, which is in place.

From an aesthetic point of view to my eyes it lacks the punch of the previous website layout and colours for some reason. The glaring white background could do with warming up (imo) just a shade and I feel like the text could be darker and bolder. I’m straining my eyes to read the light grey wording against a really pale backdrop. Other than those points I like it and it’s easy to navigate, and get the relevant information as needed. The explanatory process is good.

Hi Everyone

Thanks for the update on the New Website & hints of what’s to come with the next version of the app - I really like the ‘savings - Safe’ idea, tucking funds in different little ‘safes’ - excellent progress.

Direct debits too, this will help wean us away from the mainstream banks!

One thing I think is VERY important (but may have been mentioned already) is that a live Gold price should be available on the website & app.

I currently visit another website ‘Goldprice’ for this rather relevant information, as I like to top up when I see a dip & maybe spend a bit when Gold is high!

Also a big thank you to Cameron, Ralph & ALL THE TEAM!! You’re doing a great job, & it really feels like the wheels on this big locomotive are starting to turn!!!