Product Q&A on 11th December 7pm-8pm

We will be holding a Q&A on 11th December at 7pm to discuss all things Tally.


Hi JP!

Welcome to the first product Q & A.

Damon wasn’t able to join us tonight. I will hopefully be able to answer your questions on the development of the Tally product.

By way of an update, we had hoped to be live by now with the new version of the app. We’ve pushed this back a bit as the scope of work expanded a bit.

We are very close to releasing this, and still hope this to happen before the year end.

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We’ve just had a busy 1 hour Q & A with shareholders…

Hello all and thanks for joining us tonight for this Tally product Q&A

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@jpce what have you done with our other curious customers? :slight_smile:

@ Cameron - I am just a kiss of death

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not curious

It was enjoyable and enlightening.

It’s funny how once it gets going the time passes so quickly.

Thanks again for your time and responses.

@ Ralph. I’m very curious about peer-to-peer

It is kind of amazing the speed at which the session goes

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We had 202 questions in the shareholder Q & A - looks like all questions are answered!

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Tally to Tally as we like to call it!


Yes. Can you explain more

Or do you have a detailed faq or link on this ?

Sure. I think I’ve transferred Tally to you - have you used it?
It is basically the transferring of the ownership of Tally within our userbase.

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Is there a way to see how many are logged in to the Q&A ?

I’m curious as to what new users like/don’t like about the app and anything they would like to see added or removed…

Would be good to see the equivalent per ounce gold price at the time of spending . - a basic faq

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Thank you Ralph