4th March update

Transactions list is extremely slow to load now, a good 8 seconds before anything shows.

Search transactions still doesn’t work on my samsung.

Can’t get out of transaction screen if only 2 or 3 items listed, as mentioned previously.

Not loading at all now.


Appropriate I think Jonny!

It’s ridiculous… I see no point using this forum and giving feedback if the company don’t even bother looking at it. I’m beginning to change my view on the whole thing and if we don’t hear anything soon I’ll be emptying my account and advising everyone I referred to do the same. I don’t want the blow back from friends and family losing money here…


Same across all the boards here. Suggestions and questions get ignored.

Exactly my point, numerous posts just ignored or not even looked at.

The sad thing is, how long it took me to get people to join tally and how they have gotten others to join. Some took a lot of convincing to give it a go but are generally happy with what they have. Compared to the amount of time to get them all on here, I know if I sent them a message saying I’ve lost trust in the company and am just.letting them know I’ve stopped using it, they would be out of it instantly and pass the message around quicker than the coronavirus.

Hello JonnyE,

If shareholders were able to nominate you as a NE board member, would that be something you would be interested in doing?


@JonnyE sorry for the delay in coming back you on this matter.

Can I ask has the transaction page loaded properly now or is it still lagging or not even loading? If it is loading slowly, roughly how long is it taking?

I’m flattered by the thought but I’ve no idea what that position would involve and corporate life is not for me, I tried working for a company for a few years but couldn’t be doing with the internal politics, being kept in the dark and lack of control, so I left. It makes it very hard to do anything when you don’t have all the information and zero control. I’ve carved out a nice, stress free life working for myself and have people to call on when I need them, it’s second nature for me to find out exactly what everyone is doing around me so i can organise things effectively… I’m sure there would be various small things I could do for them as I enjoy a challenge and have a huge interest in this whole idea and project (I don’t just mean a financial one :grin:) … Having a boss breathing down my neck has never been something I’ve taken to.

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Kris, The transaction are now loading straightaway and the search is now working :+1:t2:

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An update to this… I just went into my tally app and it was slow to load again, between 6 to 8 seconds and the search function didn’t work again, slow to find anything and found irrelevant random transactions. Very strange as it worked perfectly the last time I tried.

This is very odd, I have tried to recreate the delay but to no success. I will get this looked into for you and thanks for the update on the @JonnyE

It is strange, I looked yesterday and it worked ok but I just looked a minute ago and no transactions are loading at all on my galaxy S8 or S10 plus.

Mine is not working as well now and you are still happy to charge us for this service :yawning_face:

@JonnyE @Andy this was picked up by the product team last night after investigating and have fixed the problem. Everything should be loading fine now.

Thank you for the feedback on this matter.

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