When’s the app going to sorted?

250,000 k shareholder here( £9100 ). Stopped reading the boards now as much as used to. Same old. However I’ve been abroad now 3 wks and would like to use my tally card but won’t as consider the app unusable. If it stops me , how many others and newcomers will be put off? Not good for fundraising and also me just wanting a contactless McRoyal. Maccy D’s opened yday in France. Hurry up please Tally.


All card aspects are working fine, if you email support I will be able check and make sure your card is fully active for you.

This is no lie I’ve been trying to get £100 out of tally for over a month!

I’ve been told my cards expired and they dont know why it says that when it happens

ive been told my money has bounced back with no explanation when ive sent to my own bank accounts in my name

everyday is a challenge to try and get my own money from them and its incredibly stressfull

the email help isnt help at all!
i need this sorting today!!



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Transferred £2000 yesterday in my bank account today.

Good for you that doesn’t help me when they are saying the issue is specific to my account and are providing no solution other then remove payee and add again, not even responding to emails now

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Hi @Lmiddleton5
We are waiting on one of our tech providers to come back to us on your issue and once they have we will let you know via your email thread.

Kris… You make it sound like this is the only issue… You guys are aware this version is 80% as buggy as the day it was launched… or is it just mine and my dads, and my nieces and friends apps that are affected?

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@JonnyE in regards to this specific issue with that user it is down to the tech provider and thats all that can be said on this matter.

We are working through issues users have raised and we have picked up, we thank all users for their patience as we work through all this.