A little idea for marketing!

Don’t dilly dally apply now for your Tally!


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With thanks to Stix40 for the inspiration!


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Sang in a “Sheila’s wheels” style with women wrapped in gold satin

Thanks to BrownAdder.


I was thinking of an advert along the lines of the Rumpelstiltskin tale… A fair maiden locked in a tower forced to weave ever larger amounts of straw into gold for her wicked master… Rumpelstiltskin turns up on the 3rd night exhausted and just gives her a Tally card to save the hassle!

What do you think CP?


Ok most under 40 wont have a clue what its about but still!


It might help to optimise the search on the app stores, when searching for banking apps it offers the option for banking apps UK in the google store… Tallymoney is nowhere to be found in the list.

Now might be a good time to promote tally to the top of the banking section in the play store with a bit of advertising.

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