Your new account number and sort code is now available 🚀

Hello Tally Community!

We are happy to (finally!) say the changeover is now complete and your new account number and sort code is available for electronic funds transfers, so these no longer need to be processed via our support team. :partying_face:

This means you can now make GBP transfers directly from your existing bank account that will convert to tally in your TallyMoney account. To view your new payment account details please log into your TallyMoney app, tap ‘Transfer in’ on your home screen, and you’ll be able to access your new details.

Please take a moment to update anyone planning to make a payment to your TallyMoney Account with your new account number and sort code and reset any regular payments in (such as standing orders). Please remember that payments should not be sent using BACS or CHAPS. :calling:

As part of the TallyMoney Terms & Conditions, all customers must have a bank account in their name linked to their TallyMoney account. This can be any UK Bank account, but does need to be in your name. This is for your own protection, as this account is linked to our Security Trustee mechanism which provides uncapped protection in the unlikely event the operator of the TallyMoney platform was ever to cease trading. You will be prompted to enter the details of your linked account with this app update.

As part of this transition there has been a change we want you to be aware of. Moving forward, you will only be able to electronically transfer money out of your TallyMoney account to your linked account. This provides an extra layer of security that protects you, other customers and TallyMoney from fraudulent activity. Rest assured you can update your linked account details in the Profile section of your TallyMoney App at any time. :closed_lock_with_key:

Making payments using your TallyMoney debit Mastercard® remains the same as always, as does making tally to tally transfers to any other TallyMoney Account holder.

If you have any questions about the changeover, new account details, or linked accounts, please feel free to message us in this thread. For anything involving personal details, please contact us securely via the in-app chat or email us at

This thread will remain open until 27th May 2024.


Team Tally

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It won’t match my bank account name - I have no idea what you have on my tally account as cannot see it, but it have tried different iterations of my name all to no avail.


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Couple of things.

This image is clearly not correct.

Also, when sending from tally back to my bank, I’m unable to change the reference, it’s stuck with just my name.

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I am trying in my name - same account I have always used

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Hi @Carolwhiteshusband - Would you mind starting a chat using the in-app option, please? One of our team members will check it for you. You also have the option to send an email, although the chat typically offers the quickest assistance. :slight_smile:

Thanks for flagging that! Our developers are already on it, and the correct image will be up shortly.

Exactly my problem as well tried deleting the App still the same problem

How on earth can I get to the in-app chat when I can’t get by the signing in process the linked bank account.

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Could you please click on “Help with Linked Account?” at the bottom of the screen? It should redirect you to our support email.

But if you don’t have an e-mail account linked or set up like that (as I don’t) then what do you do? Why do you not do any mapping of potential issues?

Hi, try the name thats on your Tally card it should work then.

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No does not work for me :roll_eyes:

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Keep trying. Others are getting on after 2 or even 4 attempts. It took me 2 attempts.

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Still no change for me this morning after numerous attempts.
At least before I could see my account before this latest fiasco.

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We’re aware that some of you are running into bugs when trying to link accounts. Our team is already on the case, and we’re working hard to get it sorted out ASAP.

Hooray success at last please do not put us through this whole process again.


#metoo - presume we are accepting customers ?

No not yet but this will be live soon to all people on the wait list.

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