Product Q&A 6-7 pm Monday 29th June

Hi all,

This month’s product Q&A will be at 6 pm on Monday 29th June.

Evening, I hope the past month has not been too stressful on the team and has not resulted in too many grey hairs.

First I would also like to acknowledge the fact that you are having these sessions, a lot of people would not show up after recent events and there is a lot of pretty unsavoury comments directed towards the team on the community board. So thank you for that.

Obviously the app update has not gone as planned. Personally I no longer have any funds in Tally and will not do so until I see from others that there is some stability to the platform.

If I had been holding funds in Tally over the past month, the lack of regular communications (there was just e-mails, no text messages) from the Company, acknowledging that a. There was an issue and b. Offering an apology would have amplified my fears over the security of my holdings.

Have you learnt any lessons on your communications for if and when you face similar challenges in the future? If so, what are they?

The e-mail which preceded the one that was issued tonight on the issues was fantastic by the way.

Hello @Carolwhiteshusband and hello to all joining tonight’s Q&A to discuss the product. We look forward to hearing your questions and comments.

Were any of the issues that you faced with the app upgrade related to the Railsbank platform? If so, to what extent would the end of our exclusivity agreement hinder prompt resolution of those issues in the future ?

When can we expect to see some new features on Tally (savings account) that I would notice ? :smile:

Thanks for your question. We agree the comms over the last few weeks whilst we’ve been battling with tech issues, hasn’t been up to the standard we want. We were short staffed but have an extra resource back now to take charge of this and it should be a lot better moving forward.

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There were some issues between our platform and our API providers of which Railsbank is one. When our exclusive with RB ends it won’t hinder the speed of Tally’s development. If Railsbank were trying to fix issues at their end that was not just relevant to us, but also other clients, then it may make them act even more quickly.

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Can we expect to see any development on the roll out of Tally to a new jurisdiction soon?

What are you doing to improve the promotion and visibility of Tally on social media? The Instagram following in particular after two years is very disappointing.

Thanks for the question @Carolwhiteshusband. As it stands the biggest priority is to continue to resolve any issues that were faced with the migration. Part of the rational for this migration was to enable us to develop new features quicker and more efficiently. I envisage we will come to the end of these fixes this week with a view to releasing newer features in the coming weeks.

We are also in the process of fleshing out a better way to communicate our roadmap and test new features with users. This will go live next week.

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Hi Cam and the team.

Hope all is well and obvious you have been busy.

I have seen quite a few users that have had frustrations with the speed at which funds are allocated into Tally (largely due to the more recent update issues I expect). I was wondering if there would be any facility available in order to manage customer expectations when making a deposit as some may see their funds “in limbo” and may cause some new users to feel unsure about the product when making deposits. When a deposit is made into your bank, could an automated email be sent stating “your funds have been received and will be allocated to Tally once we have completed any Due Dill required on your deposit… we will notify you again once your funds are allocated into Tally”. I know Coinbase has a similar function for depositing funds.

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Hi @damon-tally - thanks for the reply. Also just wanted to acknowledge the way that you came on to the community to address peoples issues and concerns during what must have been a stressful/intense period for you. Respect.

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Yes once we bed down the final issues we’re sorting with our platform.

Cheers for the replies - need to sort bedtime and get the popcorn ready before for the shareholder session.

As I say, appreciate things have not been easy, I am sure you the team and the product will emerge stronger from the experience.

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When is the next shareholder update? Over 2 years now since delist!

Hi @Mikey9997 the outcome we’re trying to achieve is that they see the deposit and have access to those funds very quickly. Sometimes we need extra time to complete certain checks and or buy/sell the physical gold represented by Tally in large transactions. But its a good suggestion so we discuss displaying a pending payment and the wording.

@Dann14758 We send out regular updates via RNS and have held monthly Q&As on the shareholder section since October.

This Q&A is for product questions but if you wish to gain access to the shareholder section please email

Ok thanks I will send an e-mail shortly. When is the next Q&A in the shareholder section?