Product Feedback and Beta Testing

Hi everyone

We’ve been super busy during lockdown working on developing the Tally product, and you probably know we’ve completely rebuilt our entire platform from scratch (which was not a smooth experience - again we’re very sorry about that).

The exciting news is that now we have the new app and platform, the clouds are opening to allow us to move quickly to develop some really great features and we can grow the Tally product in line with the feedback you have been asking us for.

We would like to share with you what our plans are for new features in the app so far, to give you a place to give us feedback on these plans and ideas, or to even add one yourself!

You can check this out here

We will share as much information as we can on this page, however since this is public facing we cannot share any commercially sensitive information or confidential product development (…as you would expect).

We would also like to invite you to become a Beta Tester. Tell us a bit about your smartphone and you will receive an invite from us.

Onwards and upwards!


Just when I thought that at last we have reliable App I made a deposit this morning of £500 and it has gone missing.
Such a pity but still not 100% fi for purpose and I am on iOS which should be the easiest to get to operate.

Same here I’ve had £90 go missing yesterday. These issues MUST be ironed out Tally.

Are we on the new app or is it coming to ‘us’ users soon. ?

Transfers working well today very little delay from bank to Tally.
Hope this is permanent.

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:crossed_fingers: so are we @iceman

It’s on it’s way. Watch this space for an email if you opted in to the testing cohort.

Good for you, Keep this good work up and I could kick Glint into touch.

We are working all the hours to get everything sorted plus develop new features. Hope you opted in to the testing cohort :slight_smile:

Not working as fast today £500 transferred a few hours ago not there yet.

Arrived now, not bad still room for consistency.

Hello can someone in this company actually try and help me am at a loss!

I’ve been waiting for an answer for 3 weeks regarding my account and not been able to use

On top of the over two months I haven’t been able to take my money out or send it to my bank

My emails are getting ignored and I’m one step away from going to the ombudsman



Just made a purchase online, other than never getting notifications of any transactions, this is what’s shown in my account.

Thanks @JonnyE we’ll investigate.

I don’t get any notifications anymore either since the update.

Is this being added back as it was a good feature.

You already posted this on just about every posting there is when you know what the answer is. It is currently outside their control.

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You guys should focus some of your marketing on the benefit of using Tally for spending money while travelling or holidaying abroad. Get case studies or marketing based on real world examples of the benefit / reduced costs.

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