Am I just thick, or missing something?

If anyone has been a fantastic trooper for this company’s products it’s been JonnyE, always with helpful pointers and offering intelligent, practical commentary to benefit the company and customer alike.

I hope Tally are listening. Don’t take your helpful helpfuls for granted.


Thanks for that, but I think I have gotten the end goal of this product all wrong.

They push it as gold (which it obviously is) on all social media etc, but there is no ref to gold in the app.

They claim to be trying to educate people on gold but then have a confusing app where its easy to sell gold at a loss without even knowing about it.

Everyone on the planet can relate to the standard weights of gold, grams and ounces but theres no indication of this in the app.

The user is forced to do their own calculations in an attempt to work out how much gold they own.

Cameron is trying to force its customers to learn a whole new money system that doesnt relate to anything in the real world, and never will, no one is ever going to price anything in tally.

The statements are a waste of time, if i gave that to someone they wouldnt have a clue what it was, even I dont have a clue what my balance is worth, how much ive deposited or sold out, it all meaningless.

A few years ago I put all this down to teething troubles and early development, but that is not the case. This is the direction of the company, to attempt to force a completely new tally monetary system which is gold, but hides that fact in the app, it confuses its customers, prevents them from simple transactions and leaves them guessing, or even worse, oblivious to the fact they could be loosing on every purchase.

I bought into this company thinking it was going to be an account where i could hold gold, know my exact holding in an already universally know weight, know my exact financial position which would enable me to make a financially informed choice to sell some of my gold in exchange for a product (card purchase) at a time where my fiat holding had increased due to the ruse in the price of gold.

This product gives me no indication of my profit/loss and is dangerous to use in my opinion. Its not as liquid as i thought, its taken over 6 days to transfer in or out and thats slower than buying or selling physical using the postal service.

The direction of this business is not something im interested in for any significant holding, its too risky, and too expensive with none of the advantages to outweigh the dissadvantages.

Its nothing more than a gimmicky account for holding a few hundred pounds, and that isnt going to generate any significant revenue to cover costs and grow this business/share price without millions of customers.


@JonnyE It was not built into the new app by the team but after feedback, this has been worked on and will be in the app once completed. The reason this was not added originally was down to the oversight of having the small GBP value underneath and having everything in Tally when transferring between safes or sending Tally to another Tally user.

Your feedback has been shared with the team and it is appreciated as we like to hear both good and bad as this will only make the app better.


I assume, like all systems, there was a long period of meetings to discuss the design, functionality and usability of the ‘superior’ teco upgrade.

The fact that at no point during this long evaluation period, did anyone consider that your customers might want to use this financial account send a specific amount of pounds and pence to another account, is beyond inept. That’s how all financial accounts work, even crypto works like that. You input the amount in your local or chosen currency and the bitcoin, eth, gold, silver, widgets etc conversion is shown.

I can’t believe any software engineer would miss this most logical function, even if building from scratch, which they weren’t, which means someone told them to remove it. The arrogance of not including it because tally is now meant to be the dominant denomination of trade over the £, which is also why theres no GBP figures on most of the statements is worrying and points to a deluded leadership on some kind of personal power trip.

That is the problem, that proves my points.

Hopefully I’m wrong, and it’s all just an oversight due to rushing and not enough attention to detail and quality control.

I’m going to just step back and not get so involved, theres nothing any of us say that really makes a difference so we’ll just see how it plays out over the next year or so. If it isn’t growing in to what i was hoping it would, then no big deal.