Product Q&A 6-7 pm Tuesday 28th July

Hi all,

This month’s product Q&A will be at 6 pm on Tuesday 28th July.

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us for the product Q&A this evening. This will be our final Product Q&A for the foreseeable. We would like to capture your ideas and feedback over at We also have our Beta Testing Programme which we’d like to invite you to join if you haven’t already done so.

Evening all!

Any chance whilst it’s quiet, progress on the next update !


Hi @Pinecone we are just about to release an update which includes some new security enhancements, smoother bug reporting in app, more meaningful alerts, a better onboarding experience for new users and various bug fixes.

We are busy working on Statements which we hope to release to our beta testers for review later this week. We will then push this out to all users in the coming weeks.

Thanks for that!

Not sure if anyone else feels that on opening the Tally app to show someone how it works… you give them all your recent transactions and holdings!

Should these be in a separate view?



Is this when you’re demoing Tally to other people?

Yes just open my Tally and it’s there on the first screen!


Thanks for clarifying. It’s the first time i’ve heard someone mention that. We’re leaning on the native experiences that other banking apps give users. It’s a valid point but unlikely we’ll change that. If you were worried about demoing and exposing your balance / transactions, I’d get the other person signed up then you can demonstrate the value.

Or… show them the app screenshots in the app store.

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That’s fine only a small point!

Currently as you would expect my initial balance has been increased, beating my ISA returns by a long shot!!

Long may it grow!



Well it’s awesome that you’re seeing the value! Let’s hope that’s enough to get someone on board, then you shouldn’t need to demo the app :wink:

Hi Damon,

I haven’t used my card for payments for a while, but can’t see historic GPS maps of purchases…?

Hi @Sc0rp10n we’ve got a bug on GPS map data that we’re aware of. We’ve been investigating. We should have a fix soon.

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Cool…Thanks :+1:

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Hi all…

When is the stats page update likely to be released? Or at least some kind of information showing change in fiat equivalent balance, its a pain having to do lots of calculations and dummy transactions to work it out all the time.

Hi @JonnyE it’s coming. I’m hoping we will have an early release to the Beta testers in by end of next week.

oh cool :+1:

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Are you still having issues with third parties? How are the bug fixes coming along and is this the last time there’ll be a release with this many problems… obviously expect a few as im on the beta app but that last update was scary bad :rofl:

It was scary bad. Lots and lots of late nights. Lots and lots of lessons learned. We continue with our development plans to not be dependent on any one service provider. The bank of Tally will be powered by in house tech as much as possible.

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