Card Expiry

@kris-tally my card expires in four days. Will I be getting a new one before it expires? If not, why no communications on this issue from the Company.


So is mine and I will be going abroad in the middle of June.


Hi @Carolwhiteshusband & @Andy

This is something we know will be happening with a group of users. Due to a number of reasons we had to change card providers which has delayed sending cards out to all users, this has been resolved and your cards will be with you soon.

I agree coms should have been sent to the group earlier than they have been but we had hoped to get this all sorted and these to you before they expired, sadly this has not been the case due to issues out of our hands and part of why the change had to happen.


My card has expired!
So no access to funds
1st time a bank has not provided a new card prior to expiring.

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Where are the new cards? This is beyond ridiculous.

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Agreed, been a lot of disappointments here but this is one of the biggest.

If you cannot see and communicate this well in advance, you worry about the rest of the business.

A friend who i convinced to open an account on the 2nd May still has not received their card, Now they are questioning me for recommending Tally, I’m regretting it that’s for sure!

Hi all,

Due to us having to change card providers a delay happened initially with sending cards out but we noticed that some addresses on cards were incomplete so we had to cancel cards being sent till this was resolved. This has been resolved and cards have been sent out to all users who ordered a card or had a card expiring.

@stix40 Tally is not a bank it is a gold-backed currency connected to the banking system.

@michaelczuba Your friend who signed up should have received information from us keeping them informed as to what has happened.

@Carolwhiteshusband We carried out all the testing needed but for some reason when pushing this to the live environment something happened that we had to fix. Changing the card provider was something we planned on doing but needed to do sooner than expected.

It came today. Just in time for my trip also no problems actavating. :blush:

Yep me too - looks nice.


Packaging is cool


Gold up just over £42 on the week or almost 3% can’t be bad :+1:


When is my card arriving ?
Would like to use the new tally currency!

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@stix40 can you please come in to and I will investigate this for you.