Clearbank clarification

@cameron-tally @kris-tally

I’m just looking for a bit of clarification. I’ve made a few test payments in and out with the new account number, which all worked fine. When sending from my starling account to my tally account, I would have expected the receiving account to show as either Tally (obviously) or something relating to Transact Payments as this is mentioned in your T&C’s.

Having had a very quick look, I can see Starling Bank & Transact Payments Ltd both working together with Bankable, therefore I would have expected to see the name of a bank I can tie to my Tally account, from the information provided by Tally, but Starling doesn’t connect with Transact Payments or Tally, it is sending to my Tally account but in the name showing ClearBank with the Clear.Bank logo, which I can’t find any reference to on the Tallymoney website.

Living in the days of never-ending scams, we are constantly being told to be on the lookout. It would probably save a lot of questions if Tally explained this anomaly somewhere on the site or in the app Q & A’s (unless it is already, I haven’t checked them all).

Basically, explain the relationship of ClearBank to the Tally account as none has been provided and that is the name of the bank I’m sending to, when sending to Tally.