Image of card not displaying - Android

I know these have already been mentioned elsewhere but worth putting them here now we have a channel for it

Android version - image of card doesnt appear, only a blank placeholder

  • Unable to change password via the feature, error just states “something went wrong”

Thanks @b1gdeano can you list the second one as a separate bug?

No problem, will do

Is there any progress on getting the issue of the card image sorted in the app?

It’s still not showing when opening the account page

Is this even being looked at?

No word on the problem for over two months??

@b1gdeano please accept my apologies. We haven’t been able to recreate this issue until now. To date you have been the only user but now we are aware of others experiencing this for the first time today. We should now be in a better place to fix this issue. Bear with us while we explore further.

Are we any closer to an update of any kind and what we can expect?
Personally, especially as things are, I would really like to be able to see my financial position on the Tally account based on what I’ve deposited compared to current fiat balance conversion… Can we expect any of this type of information to be available any time soon? I’m at a complete loss now as to where my balance is. It would also be a good thing to share with others to show how gold has out performed other investments and cash in a traditional bank, I know it has for me, I just have no idea to what extent so can’t show or prove it to anyone if I wanted to encourage them to use tally.


Hi @JonnyE as per my last message we are still very much in this phase of stability and performance optimisation. New features will be available in the coming months!

It’s a shame its moving this slow… I fear we will have missed a monumental opportunity. :pensive:



Amy closer to solving the issue with the missing card in the app?

It’s still not resolved in the latest version?

Anything? This is still an issue, and while not too important is irritating when it’s been months and no update on progress or fix?

Hello Deano
I am getting the same issue + Hanging on Login and Phone locking up after , uninstalled it for now , older version more stable !


The new version is terrible. So many bugs that are new and ones that are old are back. Transfers in and out are being held up - I’m still waiting on a deposit from approx 6pm last night which isn’t showing. @kris-tally can you look into this please? Confidence not great with the app currently.

Even rubbish with IOS this morning.
Made a deposit this morning and it showed in the amount at the top of the page but not in main page.Tried a transfer out to test it appeared to accept it but no difference in the the main value and nothing showing on the main menu, tried a couple of more times still no difference in the value of my holdings.Refreshed the App and the three transfers I tried have all shown up in the main page but the value has not changed so no idea if they went through. Lost faith now.

Just refreshed and all three transfers have gone through.
More than I wished to move but I think it was a wise move until we have a bug free App.

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I have re installed again , seems to take longer to login at the tally login screen also doesn’t seem to logoff for ages , so when opened again , straight in without passcode ??

Well my money still hasn’t been deposited and email for support unanswered. This isn’t acceptable. Your selling yourself as a currency/bank but you don’t seem to mind too much if people can access the funds they are trusting you with. It cost me about £50-£60 when my transfer out didn’t happen due to the plunge that occurred in spot price before I could transfer the money out I needed, then trying to put in since 6pm last night and costing me money as the PoG rises!

@kris-tally please can you reply to my emails?

Hi @b1gdeano

Sorry fr the delay in coming back to your emails, I did respond to them and if you have come back I will get round to them today.

This is being looked into by the product team and should be fixed soon.