Payment Bug

When making a payment from Tally to Payee .
Only the Tally option is available on the drop down menu .
Where is the pounds option ?

Thanks @stix40 we are patching a fix shortly.

Thanks Damon

I think Tally need to be tighter on testing , prior to releasing to main market !


Thanks, @stix40 this should be fixed now for you.

Hello Damon

I’m afraid its not fixed for me !

if i want to pay payee , drop down menu only tally , so have to guess tally equivalent of pounds ! also my card is not showing still , still asking for to order new card !



@stix40 if you head to your account, click on your profile and scroll to the App version, there is a little secret way to force an update.

If you click the version it should tell you if your app is up to date. If not it will reboot your app and force a download for a new version.

Let me know how that goes.

Hello Damon

ok I checked version and is at latest version.
strange though , payments to payee are now showing gbp , so that’s now ok !
But still not showing my card ?
also the only way i can get my app to work , is by logging off every time , and then going through the text sent etc .

Yes, closing the app and reopening will often download the new version in the background…
Cards issue will be patched tomorrow I’m hoping…
We are still trying to debug this issue around some devices not recognising the session token. We’ve implemented this to massively boost security, meaning a device has to authenticate. We’ve since had a couple of reports of some android devices not recognising this token. Yours being one unfortunately.

I’m hopeful we will find a fix.

Hi Damon

Thanks for the late night replies.

if i uninstall app , then install , I can login via text sent etc no problem , but then when i go to open app again say 15 minutes later app hangs at tally screen , with no processing to passcode !

So to get around this. I logg off app and then to logon again later , i have to use text sent etc . is that happening to anyone else ?


Thanks for the info Lee and I’m sorry that you’re having this issue. The nuances of some android devices has caused this for one other user. We’ve identified it to be older or lesser known Android devices that don’t support session tokens.

Thanks for the info Damon

Ill be happy when I can see the card again , that would be a result , not holding much now , until relist , I don’t have much trust these days !

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Mine was showing GBP again but just checked again and now it’s only showing Tally again.
Still outgoing payments are disappearing into thin air. Left my account but haven’t arrived into destination account. One payment from last Wednesday still outstanding and then payments from yesterday. Card still asking to order a new one and my current card won’t work in the ATM or for online payments at all. Give me strength.

I have the option to select currency… Not confident enough to send any though… Might test with £1.00 later.

Samsung galaxy s10 plus

It’s now giving me the option of GBP only after deleting the app and reinstalling.
A test payment of 4p credited instantly to my partners account.
However missing £20 from last Wednesday, £200, £2, £1 from yesterday and now £80 sent today (after the 4p payment which credited instantly) have all disappeared into thin air.
I give up.

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I don’t even get the option to select currencies @JonnyE and when I try to transfer it just freezes.

Absolute omnishambles. Very painful to watch what progress has been made over the past 2.5 years wiped out by this. The Company needs to look inwards and see if they have the right people leading and developing this.


I sent a payment on Sunday to my bank account it showed as having left Tally but nothing received at bank yet. To top it off I can’t access the app now,just get yellow tally screen.
This must have been the world’s worst app upgrade!


Yea, it is a clusterfu@k, 2 steps forward then 10 back.
I’ve had numerous messages from people I referred to tally, all wanting answers. I won’t be referring anyone else for a very long time, not worth the hassle if this is what a long awaited superior version of the app looks like.