Incorrect time stamps

Already have done.

But when checking again today the figures have changed! The value of the transactions now show correctly what they were in the store, and the additional transactions the following days have also gone down a bit, but they shouldn’t be there anyway.

Will wait to see what support say but its a bit worrying how the values were wrong initially and then change randomly after the fact. How can we keep track of things If the figures change? Any corrections should be a new line in the log, not amending the old one.

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Thanks @b1gdeano. We are aware of this issue of payments transactions appearing after a card spend and are investigating urgently. R:E the issue regarding incorrect FIAT amounts displaying, a fix has been patched and you should see this resolved.

Order new Card Issue ?
Has this been fixed , still telling me to order new card even with latest update !

Well, I’ve just downloaded an update and nothing has changed so thought I’d write a list of bugs. I haven’t tried paying anyone, buying anything or setting up a new payee etc this is just whats wrong going through the app.

  1. Tally splash screen hangs up to about 8 seconds
  2. Excessive time waiting for biometrics nag to appear just so I can cancel everytime before pin can be entered.
  3. Once pin entered, up to 10 seconds before transaction list appears.
  4. Various transactions don’t have any retailer info.
  5. Most don’t have location map, the ones that do all have the same location which is unrelated to the actual location.
  6. No retailer icons show logo or anything
  7. Scrolling down transaction list, takes about 5 seconds to load the next section.
  8. Selecting a specific month in the top drop down doesn’t work.
  9. Search doesn’t work.
  10. Payee transaction history has all been erased.
  11. Asking me to choose a card, to order.

Not great for me, absolute total disaster for anyone new seeing this.


I’m waiting on Incoming faster payments which haven’t credit from this morning. Outbound payments are crediting to the destination account immediately.

The app should be withdrawn from app store and social media (as little as it is) stopped until the mess is sorted. Trying to get people to sign up now is a disaster. The app doesn’t work properly and someone new isn’t going to care how great it could be one day, only how poor it is now. Damage mitigation time.


And some sort of communication offering an apology to customers should have been issued a long time ago.


I agree JonnyE
Total disaster , I cannot unlock card due to card ordering problem , not being able to see my own card .
Slowly killing off all of the early good work !!!

Thanks everyone for your continued patience. We’re working our way through the backlog of issues. We know the root cause of all these problems. It’s unfortunate that this was unforeseen but we will absolutely get these fixed and I can only apologise.

The majority of the fixes that are required are back end related, so whilst you will see updates appear in the app store, these will only be front end UI related.

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I’m very glad to hear the root cause has been identified. Although this does not erase the dreadful user experience, I can only hope that the pains in the complete failure of the product, currently speaking, will arise lessons to be learnt from this ordeal to prevent future disasters, moving forward.

I understand building a business/company, especially of such scale and grand ideas, is not a simple task and that hiccups/issues may occur along the way. But please, hiccups/issues at this magnitude cannot happen again, or at the very least mitigated to an extent that it is tolerable.



Can we just write this one off as a failure and go straight to version 4 :smirk:


Please don’t say we’re getting there quicker than ever Damon…its insulting

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