Incorrect time stamps


Your probably aware but the time stamps in the transactions are incorrect. They are 12 hours behind.

Could this be causing any issues behind the scenes? I know from experience that incorrectly synch times on servers causes all sorts of fun.

At the very least this should be changed to accurately depict the 24hr clock like it did before.

@b1gdeano yeah we have that down as reported. Thank you for catching as well. This is simply a rendering issue, not a server-side issue. The fix will be patched asap. As you can imagine we’re just working through the priority fixes then this will get picked up.

@b1gdeano we’ve just patched a release for this. You won’t need to update, if you close your app and reopen you should see these rendering correctly.

Thanks Damon

It’s formatted correctly now

Also noticed the tally conversion price is back on the transactions details. Great stuff

We’re getting there. Most importantly we’re getting there quicker than ever.

Mine is still full of bugs… takes an age to load and now I can’t defrost my card so I guess I wont be using this for another few weeks…

@JonnyE we’ll have any remaining bugs fixed in no time along with lots of wonderful new features.

Is faster payments still not integrated? I made a deposit and it’s not showing.

I recognise that there are numerous bugs that the team are working through however, after reviewing the incorrect time stamps I’ve also noticed that the transaction amounts are also incorrect or are these based off a live tally conversion and not the amount at the time of transaction?

I just noticed that too.

Been overcharged for two transactions, followed by additional transactions the next day to the vendor.

Emailed support to find out what’s going on and for a refund of money taken.

I’ve just quickly checked 2 transactions, one is showing just over 14% more left my tally account than I actually paid and the other is showing 21.45% more left my account than I actually paid.

If these two figures were out by exactly the same percentage then I would assume it is a glitch which will be fixed, but they are different so its a concern.

Are you aware of this issue @damon-tally ?

It’s not actually possible for me to use this account as the card is dead, but even if it wasn’t, I won’t be using this account again until you can say all bugs are fixed, at which point I will have to manually tally everything on a spreadsheet as tally doesn’t seem to be able to tally anything and has lost my trust as far as spending through the account.


Thanks everyone. If you think that you have been given the wrong rate at any time please contact support@ and they will raise a ticket internally for investigation. Rest assured that at every moment we capture the rate, so while it might not be ideal, if there is a discrepancy we will rectify this.

@damon-tally You’re obviously not aware of it, this is not about exchange rates. On these two screenshots you can see the amount I paid for the product and the amount deducted from my Tally account. There is no reason for these to be different.

Here’s another… there are lots but you get the idea.

Hi @JonnyE yes we are aware of them but I’m just asking them to go through support@ so we can handle them accordingly.

Does that mean I need to go through every transaction and send screen shots of my invoice/receipt and the tally transaction?

I wouldn’t go through each. We are investigating this. We suspect that this is a render issue, where Tally amount is correct but GBP amount rendered is incorrect. I’ll come back to you when we’ve completed the investigation tomorrow.

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What about when there is an additional charge the next day after a transaction?

I have exactly what Jonny just showed you with wrong amounts being logged but also getting a further transaction the next day to the vendor I purchased being shown.

@b1gdeano if you could send this to support@ that would be great. We will investigate separately.