Tally fees

It would appear that I’ve been charged 5x subscription charges for July, 5 separate charges - I’m assuming that this is a technical fault.

Any body care to respond to this?

@Hopper my apologies i’ve only just seen this? Have you reported this to support@tallymoney.com. I will get this investigated for you urgently.

Hi Damon, no I haven’t, I didn’t realise that was the procedure, I thought we reported problems on here.

Thanks for your response.

Hmm, still showing on my account.

Hmm, still showing!

@Hopper can you send an email to support@tallymoney.com so we can track this.

Thanks for sorting this in July however the same has happened for August.

Please can you sort this, I really shouldn’t have to email every month to get this put right. It’s not the way a ‘proper’ card company should be working.

Hi @Hopper as I said before this needs to be emailed in. This is not a support channel, unfortunately.

OK but in all honesty this shouldn’t need emailing in again, will I have to do this every month, is it just my account that has this problem or are there others?

It appears to be just yours this time around. I only ask for you to email in so it doesn’t go missing. This way customer support will follow up to ensure we get this resolved for you asap.

Hmm, still not resolved!

Hi @Hopper we have the request to look into this and the team will get to it. We will update you when it’s done.

Another week comes and goes with no solution to the problem, this really is getting tedious.

Hi @Hopper we continue to explore. We will update you when we have resolved.