anyone else having problems accessing the app?

Yes. It is telling me to update app but will not let me update. Tried going in via Google play still not letting me update! There is a rocket on the screen.

Uninstalled. Reinstalled it would then let me download update. Working ok now :ok_hand:

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Yes I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it is going in a loop which doesnt allow me to use my account

Same, no e-mail from the Company. I blame the Daily Express

My account is okay now had to try a couple of times then got a one time pass code after inputing my mobile phone no

No problem on my iPhone or iPad.


Just curious, when you go to the payments tab and select someone you’ve previously transacted with, do you see the history?

This is all I have ever seen.

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Hi jonnyE.
No, to see the history of a payment I need to scroll through the the main page history which is a pain in the finger.
Would be ideal to have the history on each make a payment action.

Hi JonnyE.
Just had a check on Make a payment and I have made payments to 2 other bank accounts plus my 2 sons but no history except a recent payment in April to one of my bank accounts and the history is showing on that particular payment. Maybe the recent update has taken care of that.

Good to know its not just me then, but obviously not good to know this page has been in the app several years and is still not functioning.

They’d be better off updating the app with all the non functioning bits removed if they cant make them work, as it just looks like a half working buggy app.

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Ive never had a pervious transaction show in this, for anyone… Even ones Ive made a few days ago… :man_shrugging:

I agree completely, this needs putting right and there is still a lot of work to be done to make it less buggy.

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How long do they need?

How long is this? :grin:


About tally re-list length :slight_smile:

Never had previous transactions show for me either outside of the main screen