New App New bugs

ok, so far the update has been painful.

Along side the lack of ability to transfer money out here are other issues I have currently.

Finger print scanner doesn’t work properly, it just goes away when you use it to the pin screen which you have to enter to use the app. The finger print did work, now doesn’t, as above.

Card didn’t display properly in app, missing image, but now that has got worse in that it says I don’t have a card at all and to order one.

Can someone get back to me on the transfer issue I have emailed in earlier about as well please? Been trying to get that money for over a day now. I need it to pay someone for a service! I’m not sure your emails are working either at didn’t receive an auto reply to say you had received my mail.

I have no idea what phone you use but I use an iphone with face ID and it all works perfectly, my transfer to my Starling account showed instantly yesterday and a transfer in this morning showed almost immediately.


They favour iPhone. Seems most testing or dev work goes into iOS over Android as all bugs seem to be in the Android app.

Though I’m more bothered about my money not arriving than i am the bugs.

Also noticed the transactions are missing the gold price it was actioned at.

That and the time stamp is incorrect on deposits in, it seems to be 12 hours out. As in showing 05:05 instead of 17:05

match with the share account now no access to money !

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It’s dented my confidence in the app if I’m honest stix.

My thoughts about the corporate side of things separate, I did think the app was good. Now I’m left wondering if I should use it again as it isn’t instilling me with confidence that my money is in safe hands.

Why wasn’t this tested? It’s crazy.



Up till now app has been faultless to be honest for my use of it .

But when you cannot access your funds , that’s a big no no obviously !! They need to sort this pdq . If they want to start crowd funding , product has to be reliable !!

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My transfers of yesterday have still not shown in my bank accounts when before the update you could be certain they would be there in a couple of hours very disappointing.

I’ve been waiting since Wednesday for them to show in the bank

I can’t transfer out again. It doesn’t even show in the transactions log again, so it isn’t actually trying to transfer. It was that which cost me money before, and now doing it again.

I’m done with it. Once money is out I’m not using it again. This is beyond a joke. Once the app is actually fixed I will try again, but I’m not playing the guinea pig.

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Me neither, it will take a cast iron reliable App to get me investing in the future.

It appears app V3 may have rushed for release so it could be out in the open for fundraising

Rushed ? They have missed the timelines stated at the start of the year for crowdfunding to make sure they get the app right. It’s another cluster, so please don’t try and infer this is down to the shareholders putting pressure on the Company to release.

Professionals are being paid to get this right.


Do we have the right technical team in place to develop this is the question I would be asking.

I have withdrawn my money. It took a while to show up in the transactions list but did pop eventually. No sign of it in bank account though so emailed support.

I can’t use it in this state. I have been using it as alternative current account, and without reliable access to the money it doesn’t work for me. Until the app is fixed I won’t be using it, unfortunately. Shame as conditions for gold to rise are ripe over the next few weeks. Hopefully it gets sorted sooner than later to take advantage. But I can’t keep being locked out of my funds waiting for transfers in and out.


Hi @kris-tally

Any luck with the above? Conscious of the fact only a couple of working hours left before weekend and I do need my funds available over that period and it’s still not in my bank account and no reply to my support email this morning.

Would appreciate some assistance


I just installed the update 5 minutes ago and there’s absolutely no difference from the first release… This isn’t good. :man_facepalming:

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Kris has sorted the payment out so all good there now.

I won’t be using it again however until it’s stable. This hasn’t been a nice experience. Shame really as with all the turmoil in the world gold is going to be on a run soon enough, regardless of the current sell off.

V3 however has been two steps backward.

Beta testing must be done in future imo.

I’m keeping my funds in there for now as I don’t use it much for day to day use, if I did I would definitely transfer out and avoid it for now, the app is basically unusable at the moment.

I think you need to stop these for now… Anyone downloading this app as it is, will have nothing but a disastrous experience and never come back.