New App New bugs

Do we have the right technical team in place to develop this is the question I would be asking.

I have withdrawn my money. It took a while to show up in the transactions list but did pop eventually. No sign of it in bank account though so emailed support.

I can’t use it in this state. I have been using it as alternative current account, and without reliable access to the money it doesn’t work for me. Until the app is fixed I won’t be using it, unfortunately. Shame as conditions for gold to rise are ripe over the next few weeks. Hopefully it gets sorted sooner than later to take advantage. But I can’t keep being locked out of my funds waiting for transfers in and out.


Hi @kris-tally

Any luck with the above? Conscious of the fact only a couple of working hours left before weekend and I do need my funds available over that period and it’s still not in my bank account and no reply to my support email this morning.

Would appreciate some assistance


I just installed the update 5 minutes ago and there’s absolutely no difference from the first release… This isn’t good. :man_facepalming:

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Kris has sorted the payment out so all good there now.

I won’t be using it again however until it’s stable. This hasn’t been a nice experience. Shame really as with all the turmoil in the world gold is going to be on a run soon enough, regardless of the current sell off.

V3 however has been two steps backward.

Beta testing must be done in future imo.

I’m keeping my funds in there for now as I don’t use it much for day to day use, if I did I would definitely transfer out and avoid it for now, the app is basically unusable at the moment.

I think you need to stop these for now… Anyone downloading this app as it is, will have nothing but a disastrous experience and never come back.

This is the problem when the app goes wrong, those I referred to it come to me for answers… This from my niece

Hey does it normally take more than 3 days for tally money to move over ? I transferred it from my account at a good price now it’s gone down and it hasn’t moved over, like over £150 :disappointed_relieved:

I do hope all these transactions will be honoured at the rate they were actioned and not the rate when the problems get fixed.

Great way to put off customers…

App just had second update today… still no improvement

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Has anyone received any e-mail, text or other form of communication acknowledging issues and apologising for them ? This is not good.

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I lost around £55 in the drop after I initially requested a transfer out before the app would let me do it. Then it cost me money the other way when I put money back in, as it took so long the PoG had gone up from my transfer time but got deposited at the rate when they fixed it. It’s just not good enough to use as it is, and as I did use it as a frequent spend account I have had to stop using it.

And I have suggested they send email out to all users to notify about issues and say they are being worked on. Let’s see if they pick up on it as good service.

All I can stress is testing, testing, testing. This cannot happen again or I will stop for good, and so will the people I got to sign up. Heaven forbid anyone sign up this weekend.

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It’s becoming a concern, some of the transactions I’ve made dont even tally with what I paid. The transactions dont add up. I think I’ll be going back through my statements and try to tally it up myself… I’ve no idea if my balance is correct now and I dont have the confidence to assume it is. I’ve too much money held in this account with it in the state it is. I’ll be looking to move it soon if it doesn’t improve. This should never have been released in this state.


Morning everyone. I wanted to give you an update on the state of play with the current app. The experience many of you are having, is not what we want and not what we anticipated. I’m not going to make any excuses on that front, but I want to give you an understanding of why we released what we did.

Most if not all early stage products are built in a minimal viable way, so that you can deliver something and test with the market quickly. The back end that powers Tally was not only no longer fit for purpose and it was massively slowing us down. We’ve had to rebuild the whole back end and the front end that harnesses it.

The back end had got to a point where it was damaging us more than anticipated. Something that as a user you wouldn’t notice but we wanted to mitigate against users experiencing. We had no choice but to switch this on early last week. We test our back end services rigorously to ensure that they are secure and powerful enough. This is where most of our testing goes as this is the foundation of Tally.

We then test across a multitude of devices spread across Android and iOS, though as you may not be aware, Android is complex with various OS sitting on top of it. So why not role out and test with a cohort of users? Simply put if we had we would still be on the legacy back end system, which would not be ideal at all.

This back end release means that we can debug quicker, release sooner and develop features faster. I know we still have some pretty buggy experiences out there but the team are working evenings and weekends to resolve.

This might not feel like it yet, but this new App (front end) and API (back end) combined, is a far safer and better Tally that will be packed with the features our users need in no time.


In theory great but in practice more than a week without fixes presented.Granted security better if only thing that can happen is that money can stay in Tally account,customer service and confidence suffering. Android being used as excuse. It’s not working on iPhones either.please fix soon,as great idea turning into white elephant

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Thanks for the support @Mzftz. :slight_smile: We’re working tirelessly to get this working :+1:

‘I know we still have some pretty buggy experiences out there but the team are working evenings and weekends to resolve.

This might not feel like it yet, but this new App (front end) and API (back end) combined, is a far safer and better Tally that will be packed with the features our users need in no time.‘

I am wondering if you are going to have many users left at this rate. How many have been lost forever as a result of this rollout ? How much time (and money) did it take to ‘organically’ grow those customers?

It’s bad when people are beginning to query whether the constant stream of cock ups are in some way deliberate.


Thanks for the explanation , appreciate that updates and upgrades don’t always go to plan ! Take Microsoft for instance many an issue lately with bugs in windows 10 .
Please sort asap ! and keep us informed !

@damon-tally do any of these issues relate to Railsbank?

Thanks for the update.

Same here closed account as didn’t function, sorry to give up on great idea but access to funds critical at this time. Only way to get my money back was through tally itself, who had to process transaction after I provided them with bank details