New user can't log in

Hi there im new to tally signed up Thursday got my card today and can’t log into the app

Getting no replies to emails

I’m getting this error code

I’ve tried on iPhone and Samsung

Please help as this isn’t good first impression!


Did you email the support email address?

I’m sure @kris-tally or @damon-tally will be along to assist shortly.

Yes I replied with the information on Friday dont seem to be getting anywhere and can’t use the account or card I’ve received

Not a good start

I have looked into this for you and the relative team are working on this for you. Also, here is a FAQ explaining why we some times freeze accounts - Why do we sometimes Freeze accounts? - Tally | Help Center

Good luck Lewis I’ve had this happen several times and gave up in the end…

I have not been able to locate an email from you on this matter, so can you please email and I will be able to look into this for you.