Still under maintenance?

Is the app still unavailable for everyone?

I’m getting the maintenance message this morning still. The email said it would be 8pm to 12am, has there been a problem?

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@b1gdeano you should be able to access now. We haven’t completed the full migration so we will be taking the app down again this evening to complete.

An email has gone out to all customers to explain.

Thanks for bearing with us while we do this.

No, still getting the maintenance message.

I did get the email though but it said 8-12 again tonight, so it would appear it isn’t working as intended?

I got the maintenance message when trying to log-in after the e-mail confirming the work has not been done within the original timeframe expected. Can login fine now though :+1:

Nope. Still same message for me.

OK. So it’s still down.

Not been able to use my card since Saturday evening.

Appreciate things can happen with major migration works but really should be updating more often to your users. It’s now past midnight again and it’s not finished.

Can we have a proper update on when this will be resolved please?

Morning @b1gdeano the migration went live at Midnight and we pushed a message into the app to update to the latest version.

It clearly didn’t work for all users so I apologise for that. You will however had received an auto update if you have these switched on.

The new security features are much needed but theres a few bugs I’ve noticed when just quickly using the update.

The initial splash screen stays excessively long.

There are numerous, random purchases with missing retailer/transaction information.

The location map of each retailer has gone.

I cannot freeze my card, it tries but the unfreezes itself straight away.

The app doesn’t close after 2 minutes of inactivity.

The quick links at the top to specific months in the transaction history no longer take me to that month.

The conversion from tally to £ is messed up, I wish I had put £128,118.24 into the account, but didn’t.

Thanks for reporting @JonnyE. Super appreciated. Yes all of these we are aware of and are in the process of fixing. As you say the new security features are much needed. We had to migrate off the old box so we have switched with a view to ironing any live issues today.

Any incorrect conversions will be refactored from your ledgers and corrected. We have entirely rebuilt Tally so there will inevitably be some teething problems.

Ok, no problem.

I’ve also noticed I can’t put my pin in until the option to set fingerprint appears and I cancel it. This should be an option within the app as I never use the fingerprint reader and it’s an annoying step waiting for the option to appear just to cancel every time.

Yes this is coming very soon. We didn’t have this before so as a migration this was out of scope. Whilst obviously we would encourage all our users to use biometrics over a passcode, I’m very aware that some users would rather not.

Sure, I dont see the issues and a big problem as I understand all the information should still be in the database and they will be fixed. It’s a shame it wasnt beta tested with a few of the early adopters though as a lot of people will be freaked out by all this, it looks like a test version all over again. I dont think releasing untested versions and features looks professional or reassuring to people who know nothing about how these things work, and just expect them to work, and when they don’t they’ll be extremely worried about their deposits. An early, untested version shouldn’t be seen by the general population of users.

Tally should really request a few people to beta test again before releasing updates into the wild.

I appreciate all the hard work though over the weekend and late hours put in to get it done. :+1:t2:


A cohort of beta testers will make our lives alot easier, you’re absolutely right, but only for feature release and I promise this is very much on the agenda. You are obviously top of the list for this.

That being said for a migration of this magnitude, a cohort of external testers wouldn’t have been feasible. It would be entirely unmanageable with all the variables and sadly our existing tech stack wouldn’t have helped us. This is a case of getting it to a “good enough” position and then rolling with the fixes.

Well it all working for me too.

I noticed a few bugs which JonnyE mentioned but one additional is that my card still doesn’t display in the app! So that hasn’t been fixed for me in this release.

:man_facepalming:t2: I had hoped that would have fixed. I’ll have the team investigate today for you


Is there going to be any incentive for Tally account holders (or their contacts), permitting Tally access its contacts to spread the word ?

In the statement the conversation from tally to £ is fluctuating with the price of gold (I assume, unless it’s just totally wrong). Items I’ve purchased and received an email from the seller, don’t tally up with the stated £ paid on my statement. The £ value was fixed at the price paid before, now it doesn’t match what I paid at the time.

Hi, spotted a few bugs too.
1, app doesn’t logout automatically…I can access after 1 hour without verification.
2, the card screen prompts me to order a new card.
3, got a shedload of transactions that were declined showing.
4, can’t unfreeze card.

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My app says I haven’t chosen a card yet & invites me to order one, so I do not have the freeze/unfreeze facility.

My app also doesn’t time out and remains accessible after long times.