Notifications Android 13

Hi, I have a Pixel 7 Pro and do not get any notifications from Tally

Notifications are set to ‘on’ within the app, but the notification slider bar within Android settings is set to ‘off’ for Tally, and cannot be moved.

Anyone else have this issue?


@welshguy99 This is very odd, can you please email so we can help in more detail and investigate this.


I don’t get any notifications either not for a long time I have a Motorola android phone, I still have an issue with my statements which has been going on since June and not fixed yet and I have reported it three times.


This app has numerous bugs, reported by numerous people, numerous times, going back years and years… None have been fixed.

Rule number 1 when dealing with anything Tally…

Don’t hold your breath!

Rule number 2…

Read rule number 1

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@Hovis as explained in our last email conversation when TECO is fully live statements will be fixed.

@JonnyE we try to fix bugs as quickly as we can but some do take longer due to being reliant on other things. We are currently working on a number of raised bugs, and when TECO is rolled out, it will solve a number of them.

Hi all

@cameron-tally @kris-tally @damon-tally

“we’re imminently due to switch over all our transactional data to the TECO platform”

Any idea when this elusive TECO update will come? The app hasn’t had any bug fixes for years and is still of no use as a daily spending account.

Is the new platform coming in the next month or is that too imminent?

Will it have any useful stats and data which relate to each users account ie, average buy in price at the absolute bare minimum?

Will Tally finally keep a tally of my Tally???

Here’s something for your promotional material if you arent already doing something similar.

‘Ethereum validators, now’s a great time to diversify your crypto earnings into Gold and keep your wealth protected, and away from the inflation created by the fiat banking system. Gold and Crypto are both on the same side, against fiat currency, why have only one, when you can have both!’

As you may or may not be aware, ethereum recently completed the shapella upgrade, which has released rewards built up by ETH validators over the last 2 years (ish) and now sweeps the rewards into the owners own wallet approx. every 5 days.

Some of these validator owners may want somewhere to put these funds, many will stick with crypto or just spend it, but many might want to diversify into another safe money, rather than putting it into a fiat bank.

I personally would like to start putting some into Tally and using the card more, but as the app is of little use other than a savings account, I’m inclined to buy some physical gold, and just keep using Monzo for spending. I this going to change imminenTally ?

Just asking again, I know I’ve been beating this drum for years but eventually i’m hoping something will happen before its too late.

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We are very close to launching TECO and once this happens we will be able to add features easier to give a better user experience. With TECO launching this will bring a new app at the same time, as you have said the current app has not had fixes, it has but these are not noticeable first hand and part of TECO was to have a new app. I am not saying this will have no bugs but it will be a smoother app in general.

As for features in the app, launching TECO will be a massive plus as this will enable us to add features to the app down the road, we are working on a number of features to put in the app but have no time frame on these as yet.

The new app, the launch of TECO and the changing of our card provider will hopefully change the way you view the way you can use your account.

I have passed on your feedback to the team on the material to use, we love to hear what our users think.

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Thanks Kris, appreciate the reply, and I hope it does change the way I use the account, but the answer is basically the same as it was over a year ago.

It was recently going to be launched imminentaly, now we’re still very close, and it sounds like it’ll be a new app with the same features as the current one (with maybe a few bugs too)… With useful features added down the road with no time frame. This basically means no useful features for years, based on history.

Well at least that has helped me decide what I need to do, so your reply is helpful in that respect.

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@JonnyE The launch of TECO got delayed due to things out of our control which needed to be resolved before we went live, these are very close to being completed so we can then go live.

The implementation of new features will be easier to do with TECO going live. Like any new technology we have tested the app and the TECO system, we have not experienced any issues but something can always pop up which did not come up during testing.

I appreciate there’s a lot of work going on in the background, and I’m fairly confident it will get there in the end, but for me personally it’s not somewhere I can put more funds in to at the moment.

Two features needed before I would be confident adding any more would be the average buy price and Capital gains or losses over a user selected period.

Without the first one, I wouldn’t want to use the card much for spending, and without the second one, the headache from potential unknown CGT or losses keeps me away from it, as i can’t be bothered setting up a spreadsheet myself and having to work it all out.

There are CGT free Gold options that may not be as convenient or as liquid, but they aren’t going to get people into trouble when it comes to the dreaded taxman wanting to rob his bit, when he follows the currency into my Tally account.

I will pass on your feedback about the features you wish to have in the app. I can say that a gains indicator is one feature we have been testing and once completed will be pushed live.

I opened a safe just to see how it worked, quite nice that I can scroll through the main account and safes now but when wanting to close the safe, it says close account which is extremely confusing.

It’s a shame that whoever is responsible for the design, thinks the ugly and bland white transaction page looks good, because it doesn’t, and it doesn’t keep consistency with other pages with the darker grey top section. In a world of modern dark themes, tally goes all white… :man_facepalming:

Also, I’ve now been waiting over 50 hours for a transfer to show in the bank accout ive sent to and from probably 50 times over the last 4/5 years and even emailed support to let them know shortly after making the transfer… I guess TECO isn’t as good as expected after all, disappointing.

@JonnyE we experienced a delay in transfers over the last few days due to the launch of TECO and the new app, this was not expected as during testing this didn’t happen. The team has been working hard to resolve this.

The launch of TECO is going to be a great thing for now and in the long run, I will pass on your feedback about the colour.