Notifications Android 13

Hi, I have a Pixel 7 Pro and do not get any notifications from Tally

Notifications are set to ‘on’ within the app, but the notification slider bar within Android settings is set to ‘off’ for Tally, and cannot be moved.

Anyone else have this issue?


@welshguy99 This is very odd, can you please email so we can help in more detail and investigate this.

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I don’t get any notifications either not for a long time I have a Motorola android phone, I still have an issue with my statements which has been going on since June and not fixed yet and I have reported it three times.

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This app has numerous bugs, reported by numerous people, numerous times, going back years and years… None have been fixed.

Rule number 1 when dealing with anything Tally…

Don’t hold your breath!

Rule number 2…

Read rule number 1

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@Hovis as explained in our last email conversation when TECO is fully live statements will be fixed.

@JonnyE we try to fix bugs as quickly as we can but some do take longer due to being reliant on other things. We are currently working on a number of raised bugs, and when TECO is rolled out, it will solve a number of them.