Opening times

Can someone explain exactly what Tally considers to be “open” hours? I have just tried to contact by the chat on the app, this is Saturday 9.30am UK the response is “we are closed now but a member of the team will come back to you first thing in the morning. Our business hours are 8.30am -7.30pm” (no days mentioned) this was time stamped 09.28am so I am to get a contact Sunday morning? somehow I don’t think so. I then find the website listing on Google says " open, closing 5.30" again no days, so come on Tally explain.
Just found “We’re in the office from Monday - Friday From 9:00 to 17:00” so what exactly are your hours and how do I sort a problem outside these hours?

This is a very good point.

I would expect defined working hours when someone can be contacted for issues with the account etc

@kris-tally can you please advise?

@Kestrel Our working hours are Monday - Friday 8.30am - 7.30pm and Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm

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Thank you for clarifying and I take it that if there is a problem outside these hours we will be unable to resolve it?

I have also looked at the chat auto message and for some reason it got reset, I have amended this with the time frames. That is correct but it will be picked up first thing in the morning if you have e left a message.

OK, can you just confirm or otherwise that outside “open” hours if a customer runs into a problem this will not be dealt with until Tally is open again? ie. overnight or weekends?

At weekends the team reviews things outside of working hours as well during the week but we are not 24 hours.

Thank you Kris,
from my first post you will see that I was unable to make contact, “we are closed now etc etc” is a very strong indication that on this occasion there was no-one available to “review things” in this case not desperate but what happens if it is?
Someone should be available to review things in an emergency at all times and importantly let the customer know that someone is aware of the problem and able to act accordingly - eg stolen card?, emailing Tally on a Saturday regarding something like a stolen card knowing nobody is going to do anything about it until Monday morning does not instill confidence, I consider this as grossly lacking, maybe something for Tally to seriously consider?

I agree to some extent kestrel but you have the option to freeze your card if you do misplace the card or have it stolen.

True Rob, I like Tally, it’s just disappointing that every now and then something crops up that shows things are not quite as professional as they should be considering it is other peoples money that’s at stake!
It’s these things that make me more cautious and keep my funds entrusted to Tally very limited.

Yep im in the same boat.
I use this to spend abroad - which it has saved me plenty so far, as i spent 6 months in America.
But as far as putting all my money in this account and using it for everyday spending - not for me until the majority of bugs have been sorted and tally can prove to be reliable enough.