Product Q&A 6-7 pm Thursday 30th April

Hi all,

This month’s product Q&A will be at 6 pm on Thursday 30th April.

Hi Everyone, welcome to this month’s product Q & A. Looking to your questions.

Hi , is the upcoming ‘safe’ section in customers tally accounts anywhere nearer been ready?

Hi Ralph

How are the new guys doing, they seem to be experienced. How long before the stability issues are sorted out to the point where it will be ready to accept new users at a faster rate?

Hi @Yorkshirelad this is still very much a priority on the roadmap. We are chomping at the bit to get to this as a piece of work and get it released. Our hopes to release this sooner have been delayed by our tech dependencies. This is currently the front and center priority. When we’re over this, we’ll be able to develop faster and therefore tucking into savings will very quickly become our priority. Watch this space.

Hi @JonnyE i’m probably better placed to take this. I am very happy with the new team we have. They are working tirelessly to get everything in place to make this the best in class product that we want it to be. I’m certain we will see a marked increase in productivity and stability going forward.

Hi Damon

Yea I assumed that but I was just wondering how far along you are and can you see the point at which you’ll be able to?

Is it weeks, months, years… ?

I’m assuming, before the crowdfunding can take place the product need to be able to onboard new users quickly.

Oh yeah we’re ever so close. Just to give you some understanding we’re in a QA of the migration. We are within touching distance. I’d say 3 weeks max, though i’d really hope to see this out the door sooner.

Ok, that sounds good :+1:t2:

So after about 3 weeks we can expect to see a few features start to arrive, such as the safes.

What other features/ improvements are in the pipeline short term?

Yes absolutely. We are in the process of fleshing out what we plan to deliver but to give you an overview.
Supporting growth with “invite contacts”
In app education
Statements for CGT
Historic value (potentially charts)
A indication of whether you’re up or down
Paying contacts
Internationalisation to enable us to launch in other jurisdictions

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Interesting… Is the internationalisation reliant more on the software than the regulatory side of it?

Will tally be having a language change option?

Sounds great :+1:

Will you need the help of translators if so?

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We do have plans for other markets. We will be targeting markets that we are comfortable with from a regulatory perspective. It’s more a case of getting a bit more traction in the UK first.

R:E multi languages. Yeah absolutely. This is paramount for accessibility in those territories. we’d probably look to the i18n language library for this. Good to know that you have contacts. I’ll keep this in mind.