Product Q&A 6-7 pm Thursday 28th May

Hi all,

This month’s product Q&A will be at 6 pm on Thursday 28th May

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Welcome everyone to our product Q&A! We look forward to hearing all your feedback and any questions you might have.

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Hi Damon, are you able to share any details of new app features that are planned for release and when we can expect them to go live?

Hi Damon!

@jt01 thanks for the question. This release is not feature focused, it’s more around security, performance and stability. That being said we will be including the ability to connect your contacts and share Tally with friends as part of this release. It’s such an exciting step as we can now move much faster in developing future features.

Hi Team!

Have you considered…offering the chance, when our “safes” are up and running, the opportunity for users to benefit from holding a minimum quantity of Tally for perhaps a three month period, to gain a Tally reward, that could be used to introduce another customer?

So we get more stable “safe” accounts with the users knowing they can spend on their standard account, but see the benefit of saving for the longer term within the safe?

You’d have to set a minimum holding value and after the waiting period, you can then offer the reward to the new nominated account once opened as a welcoming gesture!


Hi @Pinecone that’s good thinking and along the lines of some other things we’re considering. Some of those include additional products that would relate to committing Tally to longer term savings.
With the next generation of our platform and App 3.0 we’ll have much greater flexibility make different offers, so we’ll keep your idea in the mix!

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to getting my grown up kids hooked on saving with Gold!

Any timeline as yet for release of the next App update…?

@Sc0rp10n we pushed it for review earlier today so we should see it go in within the next 48 hours. This is a large shift so we will have to take the app down for a few hours. We have the ability to switch it on when we see fit so we will notify customers and give them enough notice for the outage.


For your interest, kids accounts is something in the works too, although will be in coming months (not weeks). Tally will be an excellent account for kids to not only save money that holds its value, but also to encourage discussion around money and value and why these things are important for them to be mindful of.

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Hi Cameron

When I said kids these are 29/34 but still kids at heart!

On the specifics, will these “ kids” accounts be there own Tally account, but opened by an adult, this will then allow us as grandparents to set up direct debits straight into their accounts without their parents saying no you shouldn’t have!
In the nicest possible way !


kids 29/34 and grandkids - this has really reframed your age in my mind @Pinecone!
On a serious note, in response to your question… we haven’t worked out fully how the mechanics of kids accounts will work - been prioritising other improvements and features. GoHenry has a great product in the market so that’s a benchmark we’ll be looking to learn from as we design kids accounts.


Told them all, I want to live till I’m 105 just to spoil their inheritance chances!:hugs::hugs::hugs:


Seems quiet tonight…calm before the storm!

I know it’s still early days with this product, but are other metals being considered going into the mix in the future?



You stole my question pinecone! :grin:

Just and so made the q&a as running late from work.
Hope everyone is keeping well.

Not so much @Pinecone. Whilst Tally is a commodity currency its not about the commodity as such.
At Tally we believe that people should be able to earn and use money that is designed to hold its value and remain in their ultimate control.
The asset Tally uses provides an anchor to an accountable money supply (so that Tally can’t be arbitrarily inflated like fiat currency and it doesn’t have the value of the currency derived from the network effect, like a crypto).
Gold is a fantastic store of value and everyone in the world knows what it is and that it is valuable. But Tally is about using money in banking with superior characteristics to fiat currency and disrupting the money monopoly it has in the mainstream. In establishing a challenger currency we’ve had to design a self-contained monetary system and with that our primary focus will be to continue to expand our banking offering with additional banking product that work for the customers (instead of against them!) rather than adding different commodities.

5 minutes left so get any product question in.