Product Q&A 6-7 pm Thursday 30th April

Yea sure, need to grow a base first, but it’s good to hear it’s not a million miles away on the road map.

Well, I know people that speak, spanish, Dutch, Czech of my head… :grin:

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Thanks. We’ll bear that in mind!

Looks like you’re going to have an easy quiet season tonight. You’re answers to my questions have been positive so I’m happy :+1:t2:

Thats fantastic! pleased to hear it. And thank you for your feedback and continued support. We’re very aware of the frustrations that not so efficient development brings, but i’m very confident that this has been resolved and we have a very bright future. Please continue to drop ideas in the board. We need these to aid our ideation and continue to build things our customers need.

Yea, I’ve sent quote a few through, it’s easier to suggest them when the app is basic, it’s a bit trickier when things are being worked on as I dont know what’s in the pipeline and what’s not and I dont want to keep sending the same things through… I’m sure what’s coming will be great and look good. As things develop people will be able to give feedback on the new stuff.

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There are a million things that can be added, its early days, as long as the basics are there theres some useful and popular features and its stable ready for marketing to new users… It will be good to see it grow.

Everyone loves an app/product that gets regular updates and new, useful features.

Agreed. We’re looking forward to growing the user base top of a strong and stable platform.

Great to hear how things are progressing. Keep up the good work. Have to shoot off for a while.


I have a standing order set up to transfer a small sum every month into Tally. Today I was contacted by my bank questioning whether it was fraudulent - it took 3 hours to get the matter resolved. Has anyone else had problems?

I would guess that this is just the banks AML and fraud team ensuring that you are happy with the payment.

It was, but the standing order has been in place for a few months. Apparently fraudsters are using challenger banks predominantly

We haven’t noticed/from from other customers with this problem. It is true that fraudsters are more likely to use challenger banks as its much quicker to set up accounts and its all online and some of them may be less strict with on-boarding criteria. This is something we have a big focus on.

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Physical Gold.

It has been reported that there has been a shortage of available physical gold. How does frequently does Tally buy and does it have a buffer of unallocated gold reserves in “the vault”?

We only buy allocated gold bars that are physically in the vault. We keep a float of 10+ kgs at a time and purchase/sell depending on activity.


Looking forward to the new Tally app release. Keep up the great work in these difficult times

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Thanks. Welcome to the community!

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