Product Q&A 6-7 pm Tuesday 28th July

Glad to hear it… You seem keen to get this disaster behind you and move on to pushing out updates and features. Its a shame this wasted so much time.

These things are sent to test us. It’s a great lesson. We move forward with progressing features that deliver huge value for our customers.

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I’m currently working g on a new project and it highlighted another idea, have you thought about building a payment gateway integration for woocommerce, I’d love to have the option to receive payment or make payment with tally on a website.

Evening everyone…do you foresee any more major app updates in the near future?

I think in time we will integrate with other platforms. Watching platforms like with eagerness to see how they grow. Lots of options in the future.

Lots of stuff coming. Have you checked out

When are we likely to see a savings product and will you be charging monthly fees? Will you pay interest? How will you market? Will it be tally or £ savings account?

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Final 10 minutes.

is the 3.4 ver available on google play ?

Lots of great things in pipeline, that I can’t quite reveal yet. Not because it’s a big secret but because we want to make sure it’s absolutely doable. Our customers will be the first to find out. And it will absolutely be in Tally. It’s always Tally in our accounts.

Hi @stix40 i’ve added you the Beta Programme again so you can access. Have you not managed to get access? The release is going out in the next couple of days (pending approval).

New tablet works a treat ! but been to play store , just says installed no update ?

Did you delete your current version, thats what I had to do.

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Should just show for you. May still be processing. You can always double check your version in the App itself under profile.

Hi JonnyE new tablet so 1st install of Tally app ver 3.3

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Fee or no fee? With respect Damon Cameron has touted soon for almost three years about realistic and you are doing the same here. Im not asking for a lot here. How long us doin? 1month? 1 year? 10 years?

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any news on crowd funding etc ??

Ah… ignore me then :grin:

Hi damon

still at ver 3.3

Hi @stix40
This is for the Shareholder Q&A and please come over to this in the next 5 minutes.