Recent update


The app update I received today said it had optimized the search. I’m not sure if the developers know what optimized means or if this is actually as good as they can get it to work, if so they might as well just remove the search option.

Can they download and use the app on their own phone and test these updates before sending them out. The only ‘optimized’ search I can see is the ability to, now and then, find transactions with the word fee or LTD in it. Every other transaction search I tried, failed!

It wouldn’t even find any word in the name of the person or ref of my last transaction that I can see with my own eyes under the search bar, until I search for it and it disappears.


@JonnyE Thanks for raising this and this is something the team already know about. The bug occurred when going live and this was not happening during testing, the team are currently investigating this and would not have released this if it happened in the testing environment.

Kris, I appreciate this, which I why I mentioned about them testing on actual devices before releasing to the public. The testing environment or emulator they use, clearly doesn’t work as it should, this has been proven numerous times in the past.

Not testing things properly before releasing only creates even less confidence in the ability of the developers which is already at an all time low based on the last 5 years of
backward improvements, catastrophic and costly errors and unusable banking connections.

I think it’s time to start weeding out the dead wood to enable this product to grow and improve as it should have done, or it’ll be in the same beta condition in another 5 years.


@JonnyE This is tested on devices before going live but we appreciate all the feedback you provide both good and bad as we aim to always make improvements where we can.

No one is interested in that

The key point is when are we to be relisted

Another month has passed of Cameron yet again kicking the can down the road !!!

Time for a change in leadership