Release 3.6

Hi everyone.

Another release for beta testing. This is release 3.6 and will be open until Thursday 20th August. You can now download this from PlayStore and Test Flight.

What’s new?
This version includes an updated experience for searching/filtering transactions and updates to performance in-app.

  • Moved transaction filter from home to search screen
  • Updates to libraries for performance
  • Implemented a block for non-https traffic (security)
  • Optimised performance on Android
  • New date input component for onboarding

Accessing 3.6
Go to the Google Play Store (Android users) or Test Flight app (iOS users) and update to the latest version. It can take up to 24 hours for it to appear for some iOS users.

Put your feedback and any bugs below.

If you want to join the testing you can do so here .

Quick lok at the update, the search is still a bit hit an miss, it finds some things but not others, strangely enough, it doesn’t find tally.

One good thing though which I wasn’t expecting is the maps and retailer info are now on the transactions.

@JonnyE thanks for the feedback. Yeah maps was fixed and then released following yours and many other’s last round of feedback.

R:E search that’s peculiar. We’ll investigate.

Version - v0

On Samsung Note 8 SM-N950F
Android v.9

• Freezing on opening “invite a friend” screen.
First attempt got hung up with spinning ‘circle’ for way too long. Had to close app to reset.
Further attempts, simply freezes on an unresponsive screen page. Having to close app to reset and reopen app.

• “Transfer Tally and other currencies”,
How far away are from being able to enter an IBAN & SWIFT (BIC) plus account number, in order to send to a Euro or US$ bank account, respectively?

• A number of transaction remain as Tally100 = £0.00




Not a big issue to me, however.

• Correct card use details, but Maps for historic card transaction use in Spain showing USA locations. One is definitely USA, second looks more USA than Spain. (Sept 2019)

• During historical transaction checks, received error message Ref.P4 Code 2208 switching months. “Dismissed” and dragged page down to refresh. Re-populated page fine. No further error glitches.

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A small bit of feedback in general, when sending an error report from within the app, it has the standard auto response of thanks we’ll get back to you in a couple of days. This is off-putting for people who don’t want to get involved in technical stuff relating to the app (using my dad as an example)

The error report should really go to a different mailbox with a different auto response that simply thanks them for sending it and informing them the feedback will be passed to the development team to be actioned.

Thanks @JonnyE great idea. We’ll implement something like this.

Can’t open the app… Splash screen hangs for about 10 seconds and nothing happens when i enter my pin… If I hit the back link it takes me to the get started page.

@JonnyE this is still happening on 3.6?

It is on 3.6 and happened yesterday at the time I sent the feedback on here, hasn’t happened before and its OK today. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, we may have had an outage at that moment. Keep the reports coming into this board for any issues. :+1: About to patch a release later today / tomorrow for Beta testing.


A revised release of 3.6 has gone out. If you could all add details here of any bugs, that would be great.

Just to report.

Works perfectly on a Huawei P40 pro with no google play services. (Installed using Aurora Store)

Just one request, can you get the software added to the Huawei App gallery.



Getting this at the moment.

I was a bit dubious of making a transfer today because of the message about more problems with third parties, which seems to be a regular thing with them… Anyway I thought I’d try, and the app opened as usual, I made a transfer and it was received instantly :+1:

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Fantastic. We’re getting there.