Release 3.8 🤘

Hi everyone.

Release 3.8 has landed for beta testing. You can now download this from PlayStore and Test Flight. Please give us your feedback.

What’s new?
This version is quite a milestone for making transactions slicker.

  • Payments in and out now go through a pending state before processing
  • Searching and finding transactions is smoother.
  • Additional checks on account details for payments out.

Accessing 3.8
Go to the Google Play Store (Android users) or Test Flight app (iOS users) and update to the latest version. It can take up to 24 hours for it to appear for some iOS users.

Put your feedback and any bugs below.

If you want to join the testing you can do so here


Search isn’t working for me still. I have the new monthly and all time scrolling menu but it still fails to find various transactions and the transactions it does find, it doesn’t show them all in the all time option, I still have to manually go through every month to find them and they are there but it doesnt show them in ‘all time’.

It still doesn’t even find Tally when searching let alone others. Also, I’m assuming, theres no total of all the transactions in and out, or to or from for each search query or maybe it just isn’t working.

Tally splash screen persists for 5 or 6 seconds, which is 4 or 5 seconds too long.

Just a general query, bearing in mind the app is faster than it was but still a bit sluggish. Is it the same principle as a website where the speed is, to a degree, governed by the hosting bandwidth and server speed. If it is, will adding more users slow this down even more or are you upgrading the hardware and software as required?

Hi deleted tally on my phone but it didn’t install 3.8 my version says it is - v0

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So does mine but it has the newer search functions :man_shrugging:

Hi guys

As is the case sometimes, it may not have fully deployed for all users yet. Unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of GPlay and TestFlight updating. If you could let us know when it does land, that would be great.

@JonnyE regarding the splash screen. If you could send me a video that would be helpful. I can’t replicate this.

With regard to your general query, yes it works the same way but there are lots of other factors, especially when you have several third-party API’s all being called concurrently. Our new architecture auto-scales so we can handle more customers on the fly. We’re also removing dependencies on third parties. What we’ve released in 3.8 is a huge step towards that goal, allowing the app to continue operating if and when a third party API fails.

I’ll try to sort out a video and email it over.

I’ve now updated to 3.8, everything seems the same except I have quite a few duplicate transactions which I didn’t notice before

Thanks Jonny E. Any screenshots or videos would be helpful to QA the issues your having,.

Here’s 3 examples.

Thanks @JonnyE

Hi I put £200 in my account this morning and two entries are showing one pending t100=0 and one the real transaction see screenshots. Also on the old app there was a contact us page this seems to have disappeared. Showing my details on a chat isn’t a good idea.

Hi @Hovis thanks for this. I’ll explore the rate issue. It will just be a display thing rather than. Thanks for finding this bug. Keep them coming with Beta testing. R:E Chat can you just clarify what you mean by “Showing my details on a chat isn’t a good idea.”

I was going to include a screenshot but it showed my account details on it and my balance as it was the first page

Oh i see, sorry i thought you meant R:E the new chat. The contacting us has moved into the help icon in the top right corner.

Seems that there is a problem with transactions showing up for payee. Just created a new payee and transferred some money to them, shows up in the transactions in the home page but if you select them in the payee list it doesnt, shows no transactions yet?

It never has on mine with this version, no historical transactions and no current ones.

Thanks for this guys. We’ll look into this.