Saving safes

Good to finally see the savings safe update, I’ve opened 2 and send funds over then closed one and the funds returned to the main account, so they seem to work well :+1:

The page showing all the open safes is not very aesthetically pleasing though, being able to choose your own picture as encouragement and a reminder to save is good, but what’s the point of it if all you can see is a tiny round circle which is just the same layout as the main statement page. A bit more design needs to go into it, maybe make them look like safes or at least show the chosen image completely with the balance etc below it. Make it more of a feature page you scroll down rather than just another list page that looks like the rest.

Good to see them implemented though :ok_hand:


Agreed looks good, was not automatically updated - had to delete the app and reinstall

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App is looking slick to be fair.


Thanks for the feedback @JonnyE. Yeah like all these things we iterate to improve :+1:t2: I agree with you entirely alot more we can do…


I think it would also be a good idea to be able to set up an automated transfer of a chosen amount into the safe, on a chosen date or weekly or monthly. It would be a much easier way to save and forget about it for a lot of people.

And have the option to set an amount goal with option of timescale to achieve it, with a progress bar showing amount saved and remaining until goal amount reached, and time remaining to reach it based on the chosen amount and frequency being paid in.


Some useful feedback there JonnyE

Agree with your recommendations

To add to that, now all they need to do is get some larger ‘safes’ for the long game and get some gold backed Tally Pension saving products out there.

Employee contribution, plus Employer contribution, both paying into Tally over the course of 20 or so years would give you an inflation-beating nest egg when it comes to cashing in (based on gold price versus the £ over the last 20 years).

Simple, no faff, no fund managers messing about taking any percentage commissions (regardless on whether they beat the market average on returns).

Talk about these opportunities being on a plate…!

Just had to do the same.

Couldn’t agree more. People need to be made aware of the huge rip off that is pensions, you basically pay in for 30 years or so and all that can go on inflation, charges and fees etc, you’re left with whatever the increase is based on the investments they make, if they don’t make much you’re pension is worthless at the end of it, as so many are.

I’ve used historical figures and average earnings to build an interactive calculator and even knowing what a rip off they are from being told by people who’ve experienced it, I was surprised with some of the results.

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Many thanks, I’ll take a look a bit later.

Surely it’s where the big money lies for Tally, as pension pots increase exponentially in size over the years, so will Tallys revenue streams from each and every pension pot

There is surely a window of opportunity for Tally to allow people to create a SIPP so they can start transferring funds in.

That would be a start, then start getting some contract wins with pension providers etc for employer contributions or getting larger, existing pension funds and fund managers to transfer in

That’s where the money is IMO

Smell what sells

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Jonny, some very useful information on the site you’ve linked. I’ve saved it so I can return back to it as when I get some more free time.

It does make me wonder what the true annual rate of inflation is, I agree that it’s certainly not the 1-2% which gets banded about!

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Definitely not 1 - 2%, I dont remember any bill increasing by only that amount.