Anyone there?

I think the safe feature was promoted over a year ago and still isn’t available.

Are any app improvements coming anytime soon? The whole product improvement and business seems to have died off completely and is just dormant.

This feature is popular and a big selling point, surely the more savings people hide away the more tally make on fees? Never will there be a better time to catch savings, as there’s no where to go to spend these days.

This whole rona scam plays right into the hands of a savings product like this but is being completely wasted. :man_shrugging:

It does make you wonder why this hasn’t been released yet.

You are comparing Monzo with Tally. duh

Think the point was BA it’s a simple enough feature that adds value to the app. It’s been touted for ages now and I recall some advertising showing it was released but nothing. As Jonny says it’s become very stagnant lately on all fronts here.

No I’m not… where does it say that?

I am making a comment about a feature people find useful, a savings feature that was promoted as coming soon to Tally about a year ago and still isn’t here.

Monzo has over 4 million users
I would be seriously shocked if more than 1000 people are actively using Tally

Savings etc are all secondary options
First and foremost option is basic transaction, money in and money out

Tally hasn’t started walking yet

This is the problem with all this reserve bank gold banking, people keep following ordinary banks which work so easily for entire world

Buy Sell and share wealth - Thats all Tally can do, if at all anything

Well this comment to Johnny E …doesn’t fill me with confidence “this year” can’t even give a month and we are SUPPOSED to be listing this year!

Hi @JonnyE we will continue to scale paid activity this year, building on the small scale we are currently doing. We will also continue to add to our partnership program - amongst many other things on our marketing plan. Happy New Year.