App not working

Hi, anyone else having trouble?


Yes. Cannot login and password reset is not working for me.

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Yeh same here. Just a blank screen.


Blank screen here.

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Pin is visible. App is non-responsive. Tried to change password, made me wait for a minute each time to receive pincode. But nothing came up.
I believe all these services are automated or we have to wait someone to be at the office.

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Same here :roll_eyes:

Same same

I don’t understand @damon-tally there is not some sort of message on the screen saying you are fixing the issue ? @cameron-tally @kris-tally where is the e-mail saying you are resolving the issue? I know it is a bank holiday weekend but this is sloppy.

I can’t login either

Business as usual with the comms lol

Just haven’t got a hope in hell of mass adoption with the attitude towards users.

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Is this for both Android and Apple or just Android?

Just curious.

Mine is an Apple and I have nothing but a white scrreen

So it’s back end then not app version related.

Reckon they using the same IT as TSB the amount of outages lol

Mine is working fine.

Working again for me too.

It’s working again for me, the point is that there should be some sort of comms on this. The number of outages we are having is not great @damon-tally

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Back on now also. Must have put another 50p in the slot lol.

As you all picked up this morning, we had an issue where customers couldn’t access their account.

I’m pleased to say this has now been resolved. We have automated reporting on issues and do try our utmost to be across these, tasking our team to investigate as quickly as possible. As you can appreciate over weekends this can take a bit longer.

The issue our customers encountered was a back end issue. This makes it very easy for us to resolve it live with what we refer to as a “hotfix”.

Hotfixes are not as simple when they are front end related. We have to wait for app store approval from both Apple & Google and these can take longer than expected. The pin fix is in the next release. We hope it will be live this week.

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Hi Damon,

What are the main reasons we are having so many issues please ? I don’t recall my other banking apps / cards failing so often.

Simply speaking, Tally, like many others is powered by other services. Each are dependent on the Tally app operating. From time to time these services can go down. The biggest priority at the moment is to get the Tally app to be a much more stable product. There is months of work that has gone into this, which is why there has has been a pause on features. I’m very conscious that our users experience issues but I’m confident we will have this resolved and see a reduction in issues that our within our control.


I didn’t notice the problems earlier as I didn’t use the app, but having read this forum I just went to see if my app was ok… Whatever the problem was it’s clearly sorted… Just one thing I noticed on the positive side, the app is now much quicker to respond, it loads faster and loads the transaction lists instantly, before this ‘hotfix’ it was very sluggish. Whatever has been done needs to be noted so it doesn’t resort back to the sluggish state it keeps falling into.

Hoping for a good feature update soon.