Problems adding card and with notifications


I tried to add my virtual card and also physical card to some apps/websites I use, to name a few CapitalOne, o2 and Vodafone but it just says to check the details and if all are correct contact your bank.

Does Tally have Strong Customer Authentication enabled yet, because when I have added other cards before it always gets me to approve it via code or through app.

And also I’m not seeing notifications for using my card or transferring money into the account, i have checked the settings for notifications in the Tally app and also my iPhone settings and both are enabled. So you know I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 15.4.1.

Thanks, Avery


For an example I took a screenshot of the error from adding the card to my BT account, same error with either the Virtual or Physical card

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Hi - I have had two transactions declined today, when there was sufficient balance. Perhaps a glitch @kris-tally @damon-tally any issues please and are they getting fixed ?

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