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Is there any plan to have statements in a usable form, as is offered with other banking apps.

For example, a whole year or more, with start and end dates chosen by the user, and downloadable in comma seperated CSV format, so we can open in a spreadsheet?

Obviously including a column with conversion rates on the transactions.

Can they show the £ amounts next to the tally figure, as the current statements are completely unusable for anything as they are just a bunch of numbers showing the amoumt in tally, which, although relevant to tally, actually mean nothing to 99.9% of people.

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This is not in the road map but I have added this as feedback to have as a feature for statements.

As for the GBP amounts on transactions, this is being added to the statements and should be completed in the next 2 weeks.

Hi Kris I agree with Jonny E the statements have just got worse and are now unusable. The savings account statements seem to have disappeared the information required is shown on the day to day accounts and the savings account surely they should be just copied over electronically?

Good to know the GBP amounts will be shown as this is the most basic requirement for anyone to see how much they have, and for the statements to be worth having.

Its a lot of a worry, now knowing that user defined start and end dates of statements isn’t even on tallys radar, even more worrying that CSV format isn’t on the radar and that’s just for personal accounts.

Bearing in mind Cameron has spoken about SME accounts coming ‘shortly’, chosen dates and CSV is pretty much a necessity for small businesses due to the digital tax system, and because i very much doubt Tally will be integrated with the various accountancy software as with other business accounts.

There are so many basic requirements, inconsistencies, and basic features missing or not even thought about. As a shareholder, it’s actually quite shocking. :man_facepalming:

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@JonnyE Thanks for your comments. We are working on a prioritised backlog of requirements and are looking to continuously enrich our feature-set and the overall User Experience.
As mentioned earlier, Statements would support transaction amounts in GBP, very similar to the transaction list in our mobile app. Statement download in CSV format is in our roadmap and should become available in future releases. Rest assured, this feature will be available alongside SME accounts. We would appreciate more details on ‘lack of basic features and inconsistencies’ that you have found. Please send the details to

The safe statements should be available within the next 2 weeks.