Version 3.12

Well, I only just noticed the statements, how long have they been there :man_facepalming::laughing:

They look good and are a welcome addition :+1:

Couple of things though, would it be possible to add an option to download all in one go? And also, they don’t cover the history of my account, they only go back as far as June 2020, I need it back to February 2019.

One of the reasons it’s a welcome addition though, is also negative feedback I guess… The statements will make it easier for me to set up a spreadsheet so I can keep a tally of my tally account because it doesn’t do it for me, without having to keep the app open, I need to set up the spreadsheet in order to track my account so I know what my stats are as far as lowest, highest and average tally buy and sell/spend and how much I am up or down…

All of which was suggested many moons ago by myself and numerous other people but isn’t even on the road map. This is still the main reason I basically use this account to hold and not transact very often.


Hi @JonnyE

These have gone out in the last beta release but were hidden behind a feature flag while we fixed up some other bits.

Thanks for the feedback. Whilst I see the value we won’t be adding a download all function any time soon.

We’re looking at better ways to give our customers an understanding of the Tally they have, save and their position.

OK, what about the statement history though? Its doesn’t cover the period I’ve had the account, will it not be going back to the time the account was opened?

Yeah absolutely it will. For now it’s only 6 months of statements. Soon we will have them dating back to when you first opened.