Tally App Hanging

Tally App hanging at Yellow Tally page with no Pin Login Page !
this happens for at least 2 minutes .

@stix40 thanks for reporting. which OS and OS Version does your device have?

android version 7.0
Today uninstalled Tally App
Mob number requested - pin received - and pin login page appeared login success .
Then closed app .
Opened app again . Yellow Tally App screen now for more than 10 minutes , with no pin login page

Thanks. Can you give me the device as well please?

When I did login , asking me to order card , which I already have , card was previously locked , so presently no access to funds .

Blackview p2 lite
I have been in contact with kris regarding this .
Thanks Damon .
is it not possible to send out old apk file for older app version ??

@stix40 I’m afraid we can’t do that for security reasons. This could be a device issue but i’ll have someone explore and get Kris to come back to you.

Nothing wrong with device old app worked perfectly .
No issues with all other apps on my phone !
also if I leave at Yellow Tally screen without pin login screen appearing , Phone eventually goes back to Home screen , if I close phone and go to login in with phone pin , It does not recognise my phone pin number ! I then have to reeboot phone .
This app has gone from the best app on my phone to the worst !

What do you mean security reasons , you have my details , just send the old apk file , I can then login and unlock my Tally Card and spend My Money !! otherwise like the share’s no access to Funds !!!

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I’ve got the team investigating for you and I’ll get one our customer support team to give you an update when we know more.

I can’t log in ? It’s saying this mobile number is not registered when it is.

Log in to the app that is. Any help would be appreciated?

@joeianto I have gone back to you via email this morning.