Try this idea, do we like?

Something I’d like to see added to the app, how do others feel?

Play with the sliders to simulate deposits and withdrawals, when the slider hits the end, it’ll carry on from the beginning. You can also add your own tally balance and update the gold price.

Grid is a great software to use to bring spreadsheets to life if anyone does presentations at work (i’ve no affiliation) This is based on and excel spreadsheet.


Instead of sliders can it made so you just key in the amounts. I couldn’t get the figure I wanted using the sliders.

I made the spreadsheet just to show an example of what could be done with the data and shown in the app. It makes things more interesting, the oz and grams are weights of gold to relate tally to gold a bit as there’s no connection to gold in the app, and also it encourages saving to the next full oz.

I’ve changed it now, so you can now try it with your own balance and update the gold price

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